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Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programme

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme is fully-funded scholarships for students. While, Ask Scholars presents step by step guide for this scholarship here. This blog covers the introduction of Erasmus Mundus, how can students apply for it and a lot more information.

Let’s follow points given blow you to understand Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme fully.

What is Erasmus Mundus programme?

The Erasmus Mundus Programme is a fully-funded scholarship programme of the European Commission. Mundus means a world in Latin and Erasmus is the name of a scholar.

The Erasmus Mundus Programme is a joint masters programme. Its awards scholarships for students from EU and Non-EU to study in high ranked universities.

It is a joint study programme. Therefore, you have to study in at least two universities in two different countries to complete the Erasmus Mundus master’s programme. Its high probability, that you will experience diversity in culture during your studies. As your classmates can be from different backgrounds. 

Are Erasmus Mundus degrees recognized?

Erasmus Mundus programme is working in Europe from quite some time now. Therefore, its degrees are recognized in Europe. Now collaboration is becoming common between  European and Non-European universities. The dual countries degrees are getting acceptance across the globe nowadays.

How many masters courses are in Erasmus Scholarship Programme?

There are around 130 masters programmes in the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programme. It ranges in different areas from engineering, social science, natural science, business, mathematics etc. It covers almost every field.

For each master course, the number of scholarships granted could range between 15 to 20 depending upon various conditions. It depends on how many students from Non-EU and EU are applying for it.

Check Erasmus Mundus catalogue on regular basis. It is official catalogue published by European Commission and it’s updated very often.

What Erasmus scholarship Cover?

It’s a very attractive scholarship. You don’t pay any tuition fee. Everything is covered by the scholarship.

You will get EUR 1000 per month in terms of living expenses until the full duration of the course. It’s quite a decent amount to live in any European country. Your travel charges from one country to another country are not included in it, You would get extra allowances for that. That’s quite amazing.

Can You choose a specific country while applying for Erasmus Mundus?

You cannot choose a country with Erasmus Mundus because it depends where you’re ranked at the ranking with regards to scholarship.

So, you need to just make a choice when you are applying for this scholarship. But in Erasmus Mundus, you don’t have that specific choice to choose a country for studies in master’s degree courses.

Can You study Erasmus Mundus course without getting the scholarship?

Yes, it is possible and it can be competitive. As many students apply for the Erasmus Mundus course from all over the world. The competition to get admission in Erasmus Mundus course is very high and there are reserved seats for it. You have to pay tuition fee if you do not get a scholarship. 

Who can apply for this programme?

There is no criteria and no limitations in terms of specific regions or countries. You can apply from any part of the world and can make an application to the joint master’s programme for Erasmus Mundus.

Students have applied and got admitted from more than 170 countries for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. That means you can apply regardless which part of the world you come from.

What are the chances of selection for Erasmus Mundus courses?

The Erasmus Mundus programme is quite an attractive option for youngsters and professionals. Sometimes professionals also want to experience high-quality education and diverse culture and they are getting payed even. So, many applicants apply for this scholarship programme. The competition is so high.

When you are applying for Erasmus Mundus, make sure your application is really good. Your Application should stand out in a thousand applications and should look unique.

You will get experience in preparing a really strong application for scholarships. There are many opportunities in Europe for scholarships and free education. The experience of the Erasmus Mundus application process can help you with other opportunities. 

What is the application process for Erasmus Mundus Course?

There is no unique platform or web portal to submit applications for Erasmus Mundus Programme. The application is submitted directly on a specific university website for every master’s course, that comes under Erasmus Mundus 130 Masters Programmes. If you have any question, you can always contact the admission office of that particular university.

First of all, go on Erasmus Mundus catalogue. Check the master’s course you are interested in this catalogue. If you find a course related to your study background. Go on the website of university for this particular master’s course and start your online application. 

You can apply maximum three different masters courses. If you get selected in all of them, you can pick one course, that you like most.

What documents require to submit for Erasmus Mundus Course?

Your documents should reflect your personality with many skills. The decision of getting a scholarship is not purely based on good grades. You can add complementary skills, either while you’re studying or either with additional work experiences.

The short interviews are arranged to shortlist candidates. Your interview call is purely based on documents, you have submitted.

These are documents you need to submit for Erasmus Mundus Course.

Curriculum Vitae (CV): It should have good standard template. Mention your skills and work experience in it.

Motivation Letter:  It should answer three important questions.

  1. Why want you to study this master’s course?
  2. Why should you get Erasmus Mundus scholarship?
  3. Why should  we think you are deserving candidate?

Proof of English language: IELTS or TOEFL

Letter of Recommendation: Two letters one from university and one from employer. (If you have work experience.)

How can Erasmus Mundus benefit you personally and professionally?

It is a fully-funded Scholarship. You get a decent amount of EUR 1000 per month as living expenses. Along with savings from scholarship and doing a part-time job, it is always really good to kind of have this extra money in your pocket. So probably you can make money five or six times more every month studying masters than actually working.

The experience itself can be amazing to study the Erasmus Mundus programme. You meet students from diverse background and culture. You can have the opportunity to observe different thought process to solve one problem, it opens up the mind. It’s very important for personal growth, instead of having the same narrative, you are being able to have many narratives for one topic or you can say the problem. That’s quite good mindset for professional life.

What are career opportunities after Erasmus Mundus masters course?

Erasmus Mundus graduates find no difficulties after graduation, either they want to go in research or industrial job. The graduates are in high demand.

You need to plan what you want to do after graduation. Want you go back to your homeland? Want to move to another country? Or want you to stay in that particular country, where you completed graduation.

The person who has Erasmus Mundus master’s degree on a CV can find a lot of job opportunities. He has to pick and choose a better opportunity for himself.

If you want to move to the US or the UK, then you do not need to learn any other language. But staying in Europe, really important to learn the local language of a particular country. It can open better opportunities for you.

Do you need guidance for admission in Mundus Programme?

Check here, How to write a motivation letter or how to find a University in Europe.

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