study in australia: step by step guide for international students 2021/2022

Study in Australia: Step by Step Guide for International Students

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Study in Australia: step by step Guide for International Students is an awesome article that we bring for you. For students interested in studying in Australia, This blog gives complete information about application process, total expenses, scholarships, job opportunities and more useful information. There are thousands of courses offered in Australia for International students. You can study without IELTS in Australia and Universities also mentioned in this blog, which offers courses without IELTS. 

These are points which are discussed in details in this blog (study in Australia).

General Information about Australia 

Australia is an island continent and the world’s sixth-largest country. Australia’s capital city is Canberra. The largest cities in Australia are New South Wales, Victoria, Sydney and Melbourne. While, Australia is world-famous for its natural wonders, wide-open spaces, its beaches and deserts. Meanwhile, Australia is also famous for its landmark buildings including the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

While, Australia is in one of the world leaders in education. Meanwhile, Australia is soon expected to take over the UK as the world’s second most popular study destination, just behind the US. Therefore, Australia is an attractive destination for international students with a high-quality education. International students are preferring Australia for studies nowadays. Australian Universities are top-ranked universities at the world stage at the moment.

Universities are Highly ranked in the following fields of study in Australia. 

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

More than 90% of international students are satisfied with education at Universities in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast are best cities for international students to live and pursue their degrees for higher education.

Intakes and deadlines for admission in Australian University

There are two Intakes for International students in Australian Universities.

  • February intake
  • July Intake 

February Intake is the main Intake for International students in Australia. There are many courses offered at a different level of studies from all universities.

While in July intake, fewer courses are offered. So, students have fewer options to choose courses for studies. 

When it comes to deadlines, we recommend to students, visit the university website. As each university has its deadline for admissions. 

As general, for February Intake, students can apply from October to November in any university. July Intake has deadline from April till May to submit applications for admission.

What is Application Process for Australian University? 

You want to study in Australian University. Follow these steps to get admission. 

  • Shortlist Relevant Course and University. 
  • Submission of Application at University.
  • Paying Tuition fee and Getting Acceptance Letter from University. 
  • Receiving electronic Confirmation of Enrollment.
  • Lastly, apply for a student visa in the Embassy. 

As mentioned in the up given points, the student needs to shortlist course and University. It should be relevant to your previous studies. Every university has mentioned General Entry requirements and Specific entry requirements under each course. Which makes it quite easy to understand, either a student is eligible for the particular course or not. 

It’s really important, to have a programme which is quite relevant for your studies. Otherwise, you can get rejected at the very first stage from University admission department. 

Sometimes, students can have more than one university as shortlisted where they have relevant courses. Then they have to choose one university for the course. For that, students can visit 12 ways to choose University. Which can help to choose the final destination of studies. 

Once a university has been shortlisted, now it’s time to start the online application process on the University website and Upload all required documents on the online portal. 

On the second stage, University shortlists applications for Skype Interview. Student needs to clear that Interview to progress further his admission process. Skype Interview is not complicated generally, it is a basic introduction about student and course, he shortlisted for studies. University only wants to know either student is genuine and sincere to complete his studies, once he will arrive at university in Australia. 

You do not need to be panic for Skype Interview, as most students do. Otherwise, you can lose the chance to get an acceptance letter from the university.  

At the third stage, after cracking the Skype Interview, University in Australia issues an acceptance letter conditionally. When a student pays tuition fee, his seat gets confirmed in a particular course at University. 

We are sure, you must have checked scholarships at the time of shortlisting a university. Scholarship can be fully funded or partially funded. It can be a reduction in tuition fee only. So, pay tuition fee accordingly.

English Language Requirements in Australian University

Australian universities & colleges accept both IELTS & PTE scores as proof of English proficiency. The following guideline for IELTS/PTE score is just an approximation, each University or institute will have their benchmark score for their respective courses. You can study without IELTS also at Australian University. 

For Diploma Programs, English Language Requirements:

  • IELTS – Overall band score of 5.5 with no band less than 5.0
  • PTE – Overall 45; no less than 36

So, For Bachelor’s Degree Programs, English Language Requirements:

  • IELTS – Overall band score of 6.0 with no less than 5.5
  • PTE – Overall 50; no less than 45

For Graduate Diploma, English Language Requirements:        

  • IELTS – Overall band score of 6.5 with no less than 6.0
  • PTE – Overall 6.5; no less than 50

While, For Master’s Degree Programs, English Language Requirements:      

  • IELTS – Overall band score of 6.5 with no less than 6.0
  • PTE – Overall 6.5; no less than 50

Documents for Admission in Australian University 

Generally, to apply for any University in Australia you need to send the supporting documents to the University’s admission office. But the requirements may change from university to university. Here we have provided the general documents for Australian University during application Process. 

  • Confirmation of Enrolment Form 
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Job Experience Letter (If any)
  • IELTS/TOEFL (Might be optional an  English Language Certificate as per University)
  • CV & Motivation Letter 
  • Academic Transcripts

While, the documents to submit for bachelor’s and master’s degree courses are same as given above. There are slight changes in academic transcripts and other only.

For admissions in bachelor’s degree course students need to submit these Academic Transcripts with up mentioned documents.  

  • 10th Grade Transcripts & Certificate
  • 12th Grade Transcripts & Certificate

While for admissions Master’s degree course, students need to submit these Academic Transcripts with up mentioned documents. 

  • 10th Grade Transcripts & Certificate
  • 12th Grade Transcripts & Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Transcripts & Degree
  • Diploma Transcripts & Certificate (if available)

So, If You are interested in a postgraduate degree course, add master’s degree certificate with up mentioned documents and you will be admitted successfully for research and higher studies.  

Your documents are not in English? Please translate in English and attest from higher education authority in your particular country. 

Study in Australia without IELTS 

There is one common problem, many students are uncomfortable with English Language Test. They do not find ways to pass IELTS or TOEFL. Here we find a way for those students. They still can study in Australia without IELTS. 

Which course do you want to study? Check eligibility requirements for a particular university, you have shortlisted. Visit a few universities before you make mind to the final one of the universities. 

Apply online and upload all documents on the university website where you want to study without IELTS. You will be invited for Skype Interview, once your profile is shortlisted. You have to clear this interview to confirm your admission to a university. As you are applying without IELTS. So, Interview would be basic, as the university wants to know you can communicate and understand basic English. 

Once you pass the interview, you need to pay the tuition fee and receive an acceptance letter from the university. There is the chance of scholarship in University, Always check scholarship opportunities before you pay Tuition fee. 

Here we present the list of universities where you can apply for studies without IELTS.

  • The University of Queensland   
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of New South Wales
  • Macquarie University
  • Bond University
  • The University of South Australia
  • The University of Southern Queensland
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Victoria University

Application process for Australian Embassy

Once you are done with the admission process of University, now it’s time to start the application process in the embassy and submit all necessary documents. So, you can travel to Australia for studies. Submit the following documents and start preparing for Interview in the Australian embassy. 

Documents for Student Visa 

  • A Valid Passport (Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months)
  • Two Recent Photographs
  • Confirmed return air tickets 
  • Overseas health insurance receipt
  • Bank Statement with one year living expenses. At least three-month-old account’s balance sheet from bank at the time of application in embassy. 
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Acceptance letter from University

You want to prepare questions for Interview, Visit here and Prepare Interview questions.

15 Frequently Asked Important Questions for Student Visa Interview in Embassy (With Example)

Total Study Expenses in Australia

Australia is unfortunately one of the most expensive countries for international students. Here we break down Tuition fee and living cost details respectively. 

  • One Australian dollar = 0.64 EUR 
  • One Australian dollar = 0.78 USD 

While, You can use these exchange rates for your local currency and calculate, the total expenses for a student visa in Australia. Ask scholars has mentioned all expenses in the local currency of Australia (Australian dollar).

Tuition fee for study in Australia 

The cost of studying in Australia depends on the universities and the level of study you choose. Meanwhile, tuition fees at Australian universities vary considerably depending on where and what you study. Given below is the list to give you an indication of the course costs for different types of qualifications. Here we have mentioned tuition fee for International students at different level of studies in Australia. 

English language short courses have tuition fee A$300 per week approximately depending on course length. 

Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degrees have tuition fee A$15,000 to A$33,000 per year approximately.

Postgraduate Master’s Degrees have tuition fee  A$20,000 to A$37,000  per year approximately.

Doctoral Degrees have tuition fee  A$14,000 to A$37,000 per year approximately.

These figures do not include high-value courses such as veterinary or medical degrees, which can cost significantly more.

Living Cost in Australia 

Home Affairs to issue a student visa is $20,290.

Hostels and guesthouses charge around A$80 to A$135 per week. Which is quite expensive. It is the only short-term solution if you have not fixed University accommodation at the start. For a longer run, it can be harder to financially to rent hostels or guesthouses. 

Shared rentals and On-Campus Accommodation A$70 to A$250 a week. This accommodation can be cheap for a longer run. The conditions vary for each student. 

While, Home stay can be A$110 to A$270 a week.

Return Air Travel A$2,000/ head. 


These expenses depend purely how he/she wants to live. Approximate expenses are as follows 

  • Groceries or eating out        A$80 to A$200
  • Gas and Electricity                 A$60 to A$100
  • Phone and Internet                A$20 to A$50
  • Public Transport                    A$10 to A$50
  • Entertainment                        A$50 to A$100

How much Bank Statement is Required for Australia Student Visa?

Australia does not want you to face a hard time during your studies, So before granting visa they make sure you have enough funds for all possible expenses. 

If you are travelling alone or with family, you have to show funds to support yourself. 

You need to show around A$20,500 in total in your bank statement as your living cost for one year. Tuition fee is not included in it, as you would have already paid the Tuition fee to get an acceptance letter from the university.  For travel charges, you need to show A$2000 in your bank statement. 


Are you travelling with your family member? Then you need to show additional funds in your bank statement.  

 You need to show another A$2000 for your spouse. These expenses would be stated as travel expenses in your bank statement for your family member. Overall, your partner needs to show A$7,100 funds for a year. 

Do you have a child? And you want to travel with your child? You have to show the course fee for the first year for your child. You need to show A$3040 per child in your bank statement. 

Add all the expenses given above and your bank statement should show enough financial capacity to cover it.

Job Opportunities in Australia for International Students 

Students need to work when they choose study abroad to fulfil living expenses. Many students choose Australia as study destination, as there are many possibilities to work. 

As a student, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week to support your studies. You can work more during  semester breaks.

You can find part time work opportunities in following industries in Australia. 

  • Hospitality (Restaurants, bars and cafes)
  • Administration 
  • Sales and Telemarketing
  • Agriculture (Farming and fruit-picking)
  • Tourism 
  • Tutoring
  • Retail work options in Super markets and clothing stores. 

So, How you can find job opportunities in Australia. Here, we have mentioned few ways.

  • You should register your profile on online job sites and check Newspaper’s adds.
  • Submit your CV at a recruitment firm nearby you.
  • You should take guidance and help from University’s student support staff. 

Scholarships in Australia for International Students 

There are many scholarship’s opportunities for International students in Australia. Approximately, there are around 3,000 scholarships and Grants for deserving students annually. It is a quite big number. 

So, The major scholarships programs by Government available for international students are:

While, The Australian Universities Award scholarships for International students, which are awarded for all level of studies, including bachelor’s degree courses, master’s degree courses, postgraduate courses and PhD.

So, Here, Few universities are mentioned which offer scholarships for International students

  1. University of Sydney Scholarships for International students
  2. Macquarie University Scholarships
  3. University of Melbourne Scholarships
  4. Adelaide Scholarships International
  5. Flinders Scholarships
  6. Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships
  7. UNSW International Scholarships

How to Change Study permit into Work visa in Australia? 

Once you have completed a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree, you can change Student visa into Work visa in Australia. While, Visa is granted for 18 months.

So, These are general steps; you need to follow to apply for work visa.

  • Determine category of work visa, after assessing eligibility. 
  • Check if you satisfy Skill select (Points based assessment).
  • Get Filled Sponsorship letter from Employer.
  • Fill out application form of visa category.
  • Attach all other necessary documents (IELTS, Educational transcripts, health insurance ) 
  •  Pay your application fee for visa processing. 

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