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HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Scholarships

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HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Scholarships in Germany. While, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management offers scholarships for international students in Germany. Meanwhile, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, formerly known as Handelshochschule Leipzig, is a private business school based in Saxony, Germany. While, Established in 1898, it is one of the world’s oldest business schools.

So, HHL has established several links to private sponsors, companies and governmental organizations. While, These close relationships will help students to finance the stay in Germany. Meanwhile, HHL is offering scholarships to finance your tuition fee and living costs.

Program Specific Scholarships

The University offers various program-specific scholarships for outstanding and exceptionally driven candidates.

Applicants must register Master Program at the University to be eligible to apply for this scholarship. Selection committee short lists the candidates for scholarships. Mostly University Professors are included in selection committee. Scholarship Motivation letter is necessary to submit to enhance chances for the scholarship at this university. You have to convince the Committee, why you are the best candidate.

Theses are following Programs, which students can apply to be eligible for scholarships.

Applicants are required to submit all application documents by January 15 (Intake March) or June 20 (Intake September).

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DAAD Scholarships

While, DAAD Scholarship is fully-funded Scholarship. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management offers courses which are sponsored by DAAD.

So, Check here Complete Guide about Application Process and Benefits of DAAD Scholarship.

DAAD Scholarships in Germany (Fully-Funded)

DAAD Stibet Program

All international students can apply for the Scholarship through this Program. Prospective students should apply for the scholarship via regular mail. Current students can submit the application directly to the International Office. The minimum installment is EUR 250 (one month); the maximum installment is EUR 861 (For MBA) or EUR 1,000 ( For doctoral students) per month for a maximum of 6 months.

National Scholarship Program

All international students can apply for the Scholarship, as the National Scholarship Program supports highly motivated excellent students. The scholarship requires a formal application. Prerequisite for the scholarship payment is an enrollment at HHL.

The initial amount of the scholarship is EUR 300 per month. The scholarship is financed by public funds (50 %) and private funds raised by HHL sponsors (50 %). This initial amount can be increased by the private sponsor.

Application period is June 1-30 for the fall term (September) and February 1-28 for the spring term (April). The duration of a scholarship is 12 months. The scholarship is renewable on application. The scholarships are awarded by a selection committee.

Erasmus Scholarship Program

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme is fully-funded scholarships for students.

So, Check here Complete Guide about Application Process and Benefits of Erasmus.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme

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