University of Luxembourg Scholarships

The University of Luxembourg Scholarships

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The University of Luxembourg Scholarships, Faculties and very low Tuition Fee are mentioned in this Article. 

The University Of Luxembourg (UOL) is the public university in Luxembourg. While, It was founded a few years back in 2003. Meanwhile, It is multilingual and research-oriented Institution. It is one of the top-ranked University in the world. The university is very cheap for international students and offers scholarships in particular courses. 

More than 6400 students originating from 125 different countries are enrolled at the moment. The programmes generally taught in two languages French/English or French/German, some in three and some entirely taught in English.

Low Tuition Fee:

It charges tuition fee around EUR 200 to EUR 800 annually for international students. Tuition fee varies for each semester. As compared to other universities, it is a very cheap university. Therefore, many international students apply each year to this university. 

Practically Education is free at University of Luxembourg, as Tuition fee is very low.

Facilities and Campuses at University of Luxembourg

University has three faculties and three campuses. These campuses are located at Belvas, Kirchberg and Limpertsberg.

  • Limpertsberg: offers the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance as well as the central administration units of the University.
  • Walferdange: offers the Faculty of Language and Literature.
  • Esch-Belval: offers the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Arts and Education Sciences and the Faculty of Sciences, Technology, and Communication.

Courses and Programs: 

You can exchange programme in any other European country during your learning period at the University of Luxembourg. Normally one semester is preferred to study abroad, this can be at the start of degree most of the time. 

University offers courses to guest students, where students are not bound by any rules of studies or requirements. If students are passionate enough to deal with scientific subjects and actively can participate in course studies, without any requirements can follow courses as guest students. 

There are bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes for International Students.  University offers also vocational training and life learning courses. Check here Courses taught in English

Scholarships at UOL

The University of Luxembourg has following scholarships for international students at the moment.

  • Guardian Glass Scholarship at University of Luxembourg
  • Scholarships for research in biomedicine or biotechnology

Guardian Glass Scholarship at University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg has introduced a new scholarship recently, called The Guardian Glass Scholarship. This Scholarship supports international Master’s students in physics or engineering. This scholarship covers expenses of international students while studying and living in Luxembourg. You can get this scholarship if you want to study masters in engineering or physics. You need to write a motivation letter to the university to avail of this opportunity. 

The scholarship would be awarded on merit and on need-based.

Your written motivation letter should reflect your relevant knowledge and work experience (if any) to get this scholarship. You can mention your financial condition, why you need support financially to continue to study. 

Internship in Field of Physics and Engineering:

Major subjects in physics and engineering have close ties with industry and academic research of University of Luxembourg. Students have bright chances for internships with leading high-tech companies in Luxembourg. Internship at the start of the carrier in a really big company can be a boosting start of the professional carrier for an engineer.

Scholarships for research in biomedicine or biotechnology

The Foundation du Pélican grants scholarships towards three promising graduate students from the doctoral School for Systems and Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg. 

The main purpose of the grant is to enhance the quality of research work. This Scholarship cover charges of travelling for activities like seminars, conferences, workshops and training during the PhD study.

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