Bachelor's Degree in Germany in 2021/2022

How to Apply for Bachelor’s Degree in Germany?

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How to apply for Bachelor’s degree in Germany? Many International students are looking for admission in Bachelor’s degree course, will get complete Guide in this article.

Follow the following step by step guide for admission in Bachelor’s degree course in Germany.

Choose a Bachelor’s Program

There are wide range of courses in Germany for students. At First, short list few bachelor’s degree courses and choose one course from short listed bachelor’s degree courses. Understand the course content and it will help you decide that this course would suit your desires.

What are Entry Requirements?

Once you have short listed course, check what are entry requirements? For this purpose, visit the university website and check all entry requirements.

The university entrance qualification: This is the first thing that is required for you to be eligible to Study in Germany, this document is known in German as “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung”. In simpler terms, it is the certificate you receive after completing your higher secondary education.

Language Requirements

There is a total of 1,389 programs taught in English. Unfortunately, opportunities to study in Germany, in English at an undergraduate level are currently fairly limited. You must learn the German language to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany. Though there are some courses taught in both English and German. At the start, these courses have English as a medium of instruction for the first two to four semesters and then later part of courses is taught in the German language.

This allows you to study in English while improving your proficiency in German, particularly as your university may offer German language classes.

Very few bachelor’s courses have the medium of instruction completely as English. You must have IELTS or TOEFL to get admission in these courses.

13 Years of Education

12 Years of education is not enough to be considered for Bachelor’s Degree Course.

If your school-leaving certificate is considered to be insufficient, you may be required to complete a foundation course before applying. This foundation course is referred to as “Studienkolleg” in Germany.

Normally, 12 years education is not enough to get admission in bachelor’s degree course in Germany. You need 13 years educations to secure admission in bachelor’s degree course in Germany. Therefore, you need to take one year foundation course called as “Studienkolleg” .

”Normally, students from Asian countries like Pakistan or India have 12 years of education. They can not apply directly for bachelor’s degree course in Germany. We suggest students to do one year German Language course. ”

Let discuss “Studienkolleg” in more details here.

What is Studienkolleg?

Studienkolleg is a preparatory course which prepares you academically and linguistically for studies in Germany. Studienkolleg has German as the medium of instruction. Therefore, to be admitted to Studienkolleg, you will always need to show adequate proficiency in the German language.

Keep in mind that you have to decide (in advance) which subjects you would like to study in your bachelor’s course at the university before enrolling in a preparatory college for Studienkolleg.

Normally you have to study for one year this foundation course called Studienkolleg.

Submit an Application

Overall you have 13 years of education now. You can enrol a bachelor’s degree course in Germany. You have 12 years of education at your homeland and one-year foundation course to learn the German language.

Now its time to submit Application at University website for admission in Bachelor’s degree course. The majority of German universities participate in the online application platform but there are few others which run their own platform.

Your Application has been submitted for desired course.

Accept Admission Letter

Now you will take the assessment test . If you pass the exam, you will receive admission letter from university. You may then study the subjects you have chosen for your Bachelor’s Degree in German University.

Highly reputed universities receive a large number of applications and therefore application processing takes time.

Prepare Financial Means

As a foreign student, you need to open a bank account in Germany and transfer year expenses to a German bank account.  Your living expenses per year would be around EUR 10,230.

Then you attach the bank statement of your German account with your application for a visa in the embassy. Once you are in Germany, you can use this amount the way you want to use it.

Apply Student Visa

Lastly, you need to apply for student visa in German Embassy. Prepare Interview questions before appointment deadline from embassy. It is also important you start the whole process at least three months before commencing your studies because the embassy is not concerned about the time when your course will begin.

Required Documents for German Student Visa

There are no specific requirements for admission in higher education institutions of Germany. Every University sets its criteria for admission.

General information of documents which may be required by the University and German ebmassy are following.

  • Complete Application form.
  • A school-leaving certificate which qualifies you for university study.
  • If the student does not qualify to German standards (which in most cases do not fulfil), Then Students have to pass the German foundation course called Studienkolleg.
  • Pass University entrance exam (if required).
  • German Language proficiency certificate if the medium of instruction is German.
  • Financial resource documents for student support.
  • English language proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Passport-size photographs (biometric specifications included).
  • Recent passport.
  • CV & Letter of Motivation.
  • International health insurance proof.
  • Accommodation proof near the university in Germany.

These are general documents required for admission. Complete information can be obtained from the official website of the particular university.

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