Destination Australia Scholarship

Destination Australia Scholarship Program

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Destination Australia Scholarship Program in Australia is explained in detail in this article, Read this Program Information if you are planning to Study in Australia in near Future. You can find the benefits of Destination Australia Scholarship Program, Eligibility Criteria, Application Process and Selection Criteria in this blog. Lastly, Universities are mentioned, which offer scholarships with collaboration of Destination Australia Scholarship Program.

So Lets start with brief Introduction.

What is Destination Australia Scholarship?

Destination Australia is a scholarship program by the Australian Government for campuses in regional Australia. While, This scholarship Program Supports regional and remote Australian tertiary education providers. It provides an opportunity for students to undertake high-quality education, training and research. So, There are over 1,000 Scholarships offered for students by Destination Australia Scholarship Program.

While, The Destination Australia Program is designed to encourage domestic and international students to study in regional Australia, to grow and develop regional Australian tertiary education providers and to offer students a high-quality learning experience.

The program supports regional and remote Australian education providers. Surprisingly over $17 million in grants is available under 2021 to support scholarships for up to 4 years $4-24 million per year.

What are Benefits?

There are Over 1000 scholarships are available for international students. The scholarship is valued at A$15,000 per year for the normal duration of the program. Each semester A$7,500 are paid to the student.

For 3 years Bachelor’s degree programs, scholarship grants A$45,000, as each semester lump sum amount of A$7,500 will be paid.

While, For 4 years Bachelor’s degree programs, scholarship grants A$60,000, as each semester lump sum amount of A$7,500 will be paid.

The scholarship covers both study and living expenses for shortlisted students.

What is Eligibility Criteria?

Applicants must have a full offer for study in an approved program in an Eligible institution, but it’s not compulsory to accept the offer of admission by the scholarship application deadline.

Students are studying one of the following qualification levels, can apply for scholarship:

  • Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor Honours Degree
  • Masters Degree

You need Maintain a student visa for the duration of the scholarship. Students must have good grades at the time of application.

What is Selection Criteria?

Applicants will be assessed on four following criteria:

  • Eligibility under the program guidelines
  • Academic merit
  • Response to personal statement
  • Dean’s discretion

How to apply for a Destination Australia Scholarship?

The application process is online and the application form must be completed and submitted electronically.

There is no single application process for Destination Australia Scholarship Program. There are 35 eligible education providers which collaborate with Destination Australia at the moment. Every education provider has a different application process.

The General Application process for the scholarship program is as follows.

At first, submit an online application in one of the eligible education provider’s web portal. Attach all important documents.

Write a strong personal statement, where you mention, why you are the best candidate for the Destination Australia scholarship program. This document will help you to secure your position as successful candidates. So, take your time and write a really strong personal statement.

If you need help to write a successful personal statement, you can read here useful tips or can approach Consult Studies Abroad to write a great Motivation Letter for a scholarship. While, Consult Studies Abroad has a very experienced team, which has helped many students to get admission and scholarships in different countries.

Now, the scholarship committee will review your application with all the important documents you have submitted.

Shortlisted candidates would be notified by an eligible education provider, which in this case is University.

If you got selected, You have to answer the university within a specific time.

Eligible Education Providers

There are 35 Australian Universities attached with Destination Australia. Few of them are mentioned here.

  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Flinders University
  • Central Queens University
  • The University of Queensland
  • University of South Australia
  • University of Western Australia
  • Deakin University
  • La Trobe University
  • Curtin University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Wodonga Institute of TAEF
  • Skillinvest Limited
  • Federation University Australia
  • University of Melbourne

You can always Contact for details about scholarships and eligibility to Destination Australia. Email

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