Ages foundation scholarships in Canada

Ages Foundation Scholarships in Canada

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Ages Foundation Fellowship grants scholarships for students who want to Study in Canada.

Brief Introduction

The Ages Foundation in Canada awards scholarships to International students for higher education. The Ages Foundation Research Fellowship & Bursaries program will allow students to study in a relatively undisturbed, yet highly accessible site in Waterloo Region. Applications that utilize multiple knowledge systems and diverse methodologies will be prioritized.

Applications are accepted for all fields of study. Either you are a student of Engineering, Business, Medicine or any other area of study. You are welcome to apply for this fellowship.

What are benefits?

Ages Foundation Fellowship grants CA$15,000 annually. The CA$5,000  are awarded to two applicants in one season, while 5 bursaries of CA$1,000 are awarded to 5 applicants.

What is Eligibility Criteria?

You must be enrolled as a graduate student in a Canadian or International institution.

While, You must conduct research on a rare Charitable Research Reserve property or in conjunction with rare.

Meanwhile, You Research or project should have an environmental focus or component.

What is Application Process?

Applications can be submitted in April each year.

New projects must submit a complete Research and Land Use Application accompanied by Appendix One. Ongoing or continuing projects at rare that have already submitted a Research and Land Use Application need only complete and submit Appendix One to be considered.

Students will be required to provide a final report to rare one year after receiving the scholarship, which includes a list of any presentations or publications of the work to date.

The recipient will retain all intellectual property rights.

Please submit your application one month before your anticipated start date. This may mean submitting your application prior to the deadline to ensure your project can start on time.

Contact Information of Ages foundation scholarships in Canada:

Jenna Quinn Program Scientist (519) 650-9336 ext 111 (519) 650-5923 1679 Blair Road, Cambridge, ON, Canada. N3H 4R8

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