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How to Study in Luxembourg for Free?

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How to Study in Luxembourg for free? You want to Study in Luxembourg or interested to get Information about it. We present here guidelines to Study in Luxembourg for free.

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe with very less population. In which more than 40% are immigrants from 170 countries. Luxembourg is a business hub and gateway to many European markets. The country’s business-friendly tax arrangements are very attractive for Entrepreneurs.

Majority of the country’s universities are in Luxembourg city, the country’s capital, which includes public and private universities. Luxembourg’s universities provide Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in numerous fields such as Medicine, Law, Languages, Psychology, Education, Economics, Computer Science, or Social Sciences.

There are over a hundred English-taught programmes in Luxembourg. If you are interested in studying a master’s program for the first time in Luxembourg, you may apply throughout the year.

Lets go through following steps one by one to Study in Luxembourg for free.

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Start Preparation Early  

First of all, get all important information about Study in Luxembourg, Universities, Scholarships offered by Government and Universities. You should spend your time wisely. Prepare the required documents. You should have 2 to 3 months before applying to any university in Luxembourg.

Short List University & Scholarship Program

There are scholarships by each University for international students. Government in Luxembourg grants funds and scholarships in different areas of Study. You have to short list relevant University and Scholarship program.

Students can apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programme, as all most all institutions in Luxembourg have collaborated with other institutions of European countries. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme is a fully-funded and exchange scholarship programme.

The University of Luxembourg offers almost free education for international students. The University Of Luxembourg is the public university in Luxembourg. It is very cheap University for international students and offers scholarships in particular courses. It charges tuition fee around 200 Euros to 800 Euros annually for international students. Tuition fee varies for each semester. As compared to other universities, it offers free education for everyone. Therefore, many international students apply each year to this university. 

Check about Scholarships, Application Process and Courses at The University of Luxembourg on following Link:

Other Universities have higher tuition fee in Luxembourg as compared to The University of Luxembourg. But you can apply for scholarships in these Universities. Mostly Scholarships are tuition fee reduction.

There are scholarship Opportunities for International students at Luxembourg School of Business, Check out details about Scholarships through following link.


Luxembourg’s Government Scholarships and Financial aids to international students are another option to study for free in Luxembourg. You should apply Government Scholarships, if you fulfil criteria. Check through following link about Government scholarships and more Universities in Luxembourg.

This Post shares 6 Universities in Luxembourg with 11 opportunities of scholarships and Government financial aid for the international Students.

All possible options are mentioned for you to Study on Scholarship and to Study in Luxembourg for free. Shortlist your course or university wisely. If you need support, You can always communicate with our team and will get a quick response.

Prepare Eye Catching Application

As you have spent enough time to get information about Universities, scholarships and education system of Luxembourg. Now it’s time to prepare a strong application. Your application should be distinguishing for Admission and Scholarship committees. Your academic records, Language proficiency letters, Motivation letter and extracurricular activities would play an important role in Study in Luxembourg for free. Take your time, once you prepare an application, mention each important highlight of your carrier. 

Go through following link to Get Idea about How to Get Scholarships for Study Abroad?

How to get a Scholarship for study abroad is a very popular question and every student want to know its answer desperately.

Motivation Letter is very important document during application preparation for scholarship or free education. Visit following link for Complete Guide about Motivation Letter.

What are your chances to get scholarship, clearly depends upon how well the Motivation Letter is written.

External Scholarship Programs

Are you applying for external scholarships? It will a step in the right direction for you to study in Luxembourg for free. You can get funds from any organization that are in cooperation with the universities of Luxembourg. For example, In USA there are universities and private organization which grant funds to Study in Luxembourg for free.

You can also apply for funds or scholarship in your homeland. There are opportunities for you to receive financial assistance through the government of your country.

Reduce Living Expenses

What are living expenses per months? That depends purely on individuals and their spending habits. You can reduce living expenses per month to complete your studies successfully.

If you are living in the capital, obviously you would have higher expenses per months as compared to small cities or towns. 

Luxembourg is a small country, so it does not cost too much to move around or across the borders. 

You can always share accommodations or can apply for university residence. Universities offer halls of residence to students. Which are much cheaper. The living expenses vary from 350 Euros to 700 Euros in these halls.

Most of time, You can cook meals at home to control expenses.

Do Part Time Jobs

A student needs to accommodate himself during his studies. A student is allowed to work up to 15 hours per week with studies.

Luxembourg ranks higher in terms of jobs and earnings as compared to other countries. Students have a higher probability to find part-time jobs and support themselves. Luxembourg is ranked higher to find jobs, on the other hand, it is a quite business-friendly country. The concrete business starts up plan can be successful in this country.

The extra bucks through part-time work can help to pay monthly bills for students. If you have got only a tuition fee scholarship or you are have managed to get admission to the Public University of Luxembourg. Then, part-time jobs will help you to Study in Luxembourg for free.

You can approach Consult Studies Abroad  for Guidance about scholarships, University admissions and many more useful information. Write your questions in comment box Section.

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