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Study in Latvia without IELTS for International Students

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Study in Latvia without IELTS for International Students. Latvia is one of Europe’s hidden gems for higher education because it has a great Education System. Many wonderful programs are offered to the International Students.

Moreover, Latvian degrees are globally acknowledged and Most importantly, Universities in Latvia provide accommodation to international students.

In addition, Universities provide Scholarships to brilliant students. Attractive Tuition Fees as compared to other European countries.

In fact tuition fees is too low to Study in Latvia.  Latvia is a very cheap country as compared to other European countries.

Latvia has 6 state universities and a large number of other higher, partly private, education institutions. In total, Latvia has 58 higher education institutions, where you can earn at least a bachelor’s degree.

10 Universities in Latvia for International students

Many students ask a common question can I study in Latvia without IELTS? Of course, you can study in Latvia without IELTS.

It is very possible in Universities in Latvia and not complex at all. Here is the complete guide to Study in Latvia without IELTS.

You don’t have an IELTS score? Still, you want to register for course in any Latvian University. The application process is the same, to illustrate the application process just follow the link given below.

How to apply to a University in LATVIA?

Consequently, these are the options to study in Latvia without IELTS.

English Language Proficiency Letter

An applicant who has completed bachelor’s degree with English as Medium of Instruction, certainly wants to apply for master’s degree course. He/She can only attach a letter with explanation, that He/She can understand, write and read English.

Foundation Course of English

An applicant who wants to apply for bachelors and he has not done IELTS. he can apply for the foundation course of English.

Specifically, the course length varies for each applicant depending upon the knowledge of the English language.

Course duration can be 6 months to 1 year on average.

When you are applying for a foundation course, you have to mention the bachelor’s degree course in the same University.

Finally, You will study specified bachelor’s degree course after completing the foundation course.

Universities without IELTS

In conclusion, we have mentioned few universities where you can apply for studies without IELTS.

  • Daugavpils University
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
  • Riga Technical University
  • Art Academy of Latvia
  • University of Latvia
  • Liepaja University
  • Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
  • Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
  • Riga Stradi?š University

Job opportunities in Latvia for International Students

International students are allowed to work part-time jobs anywhere in Latvia for 20 hours per week. There are many jobs for students through which they can fulfil daily expenses.  

Employment options are in retail, coffee shops, bars, hotels, restaurants, newspaper distribution and grocery delivery. Nowadays, food delivery is a very common job in whole Europe including Latvia. It is very easy to find due to Covid 19, a new trend of food delivery at homes is increasing day by day. It is helping newcomers to earn a quite handsome amount. 

Other part-time jobs include internships and student training jobs where students gain first-hand experience working in job roles that are relevant to their studies.

There are also industrial jobs where many foreign students work, but for that students need to complete their education and search for a job in last semester.

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