Total Cost to Study abroad

What is total cost to Study in Italy?

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What is total cost to Study in Italy? The Latest Total cost has been mentioned for international students, As per writing this article in 2022, It is an approximate cost for non-EU students. It does not mean this is an exact cost to Study in Italy. It can vary according to different circumstances. The total cost depends upon University selection, course selection, which city you live and what you eat on daily basis.

Go through the article and get a basic idea about money; You could need to travel to Italy to do graduation.

If you get an opportunity to Study in Italy, You can Visit historical places in Italy. University Tuition fee is quite low in Italy and you can apply for scholarships also. That makes Italy quite an attractive place to study for international students. Italy can be quite affordable for study adventure.  

Study adventure
Study in Italy can be adventure! Well, Italy is certainly one of the most beautiful countries. Incredible architecture, art, history, literature, poetry, music and all this going on for centuries.

There are many public universities in Italy, which offer courses with low tuition fees. Enlist the potential cheap institutions as per your study fields, and then choose the best one that offers both quality and inexpensive tuition.

Italy provides student grants, student loans and scholarships to international students. You are a brilliant student, either an average student, you can get financial support.

Italy is the most affordable country in Europe as per living Cost and tuition fee. Let’s break down total cost to Study in Italy.

What is Tuition fee in Italy for International Students?

Italy has a moderate tuition fee as compared to other European countries.

Higher education in Italy is very reasonable and affordable for international students. While the education standard is also quite high in Italy.

Tuition Fees at Public Universities

Public Institutions get funds from Government and other organizations. Normally, Public universities charge tuition fee from EUR 850 to EUR 1500.

Top 25 Universities in Italy for International Students

Reduction in Tuition Fee

Wait a minute, you do not have funds and can not pay your tuition fee?

The interesting point is that the tuition fee for a student depends upon his/her financial condition. It can be minimum of EUR 150.

If you want a reduction in your tuition fee, you have to present your case quite strongly. Your application should say, that you are in financial need and you have high ambitions and strong motivation for higher studies.

Tuition Fees at Best Universities

Tuition Fees at Best Universities in Italy range from EUR 2100 – EUR 6,000 per year. University of Trento, Polytechnic University of Milan, University of Bologna and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna are best universities.

Tuition Fees at Private Universities

Private Sector of education charge high tuition fee in Italy. Private Universities charge EUR 5000 – EUR 10,000 per year.

What is Living cost in Italy?

The overall living costs for international students in Italy range between 700 and 1,000 EUR/month.

Small towns are cheaper in terms of living as compared to big cities in Italy.

Big Universities offer accommodation to international students with affordable charges. Universities also assist to find cheap accommodation for students. There is a different kind of accommodations which includes hostels, shared room and private flats.

If you rent out the hostel, then your monthly rent should be around EUR 370 – EUR 650. While hostels are nearer to the location of the university.

For shared student room, you have to pay per month up to EUR 400 – EUR 700.

Private flats are more expensive and the cost can be between EUR 500 – EUR 1000. 

Students should prefer the hostel accommodation as compared to others. They can save time to travel and can make friends quickly in hostels.

You have to arrange accommodation before you apply for a visa. If you are lucky enough to get the desired accommodation, then you can add a document which is proof of your accommodation.

Otherwise, temporary accommodation can be a hotel booking or a letter from your sponsor (family or friend) showing an arrangement for accommodation.

Public transport is cheaper in Italy. You would have discounts as a student and monthly travelling pass can cost between EUR 30 – EUR 35.

Food expenses depend upon individuals and they make budget accordingly. The food expenses can vary from EUR 120 – EUR 300. If you can cook at home, you can reduce the cost of daily food charges.

How much bank statement for Italian student visa?

During you stay as student, you have to pay for daily expenses in terms of food, rent, travelling and other expenses. Therefore, You have to show sufficient financial means to Italian embassy when you are applying for a student visa.

There should be funds equal to EUR 5000 in your account or in your sponsor account to get approval from the embassy. These funds cover one-year living expenses in Italy. This deposit should remain in a bank account till your application gets approval from the embassy.

You can attach a letter from the bank, which shows you have the desired amount in your account. If the current account is not in your name, you can add an account from your parents. Just attach one sponsor letter, signed by the account holder and stating that you have their consent to use this specific account.

If you receive a scholarship that covers your living costs, then you may exempt from the bank statement.

How to apply to a University in ITALY?

What are Job opportunities for International students in Italy?

Students need to do part-time jobs to support their studies and fulfil daily expenses. You are allowed to work 20 hours per week in Italy. There are part-time jobs like food delivery, restaurant related jobs, newspaper distribution, bars and many more.

Student Job
You are allowed to work 20 hours per week in Italy.

References help to get part-time jobs in Italy. If you have any reference, it’s your plus point to survive in Italy during your stay as a student.

You can work as a freelancer and can teach any skills you have. It can be English language teaching or any other knowledge you can transfer to Italian people.

You should have wonderful command in English to get a full-time job in Italy after graduation. If you can communicate in the Italian language also, your chances are double for a permanent job. You can earn a reasonable salary.

The job vaccines easily available in Italy are in mechanical, textile, chemical, technology, food and wood furniture sectors.

How to Study in Italy for Free?

You can approach Consult Studies Abroad  for Guidance about scholarships, University admissions and many more useful information.

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