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How to Apply to an International University in Finland?

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How to Apply to an International University in Finland? Check here complete application process, if you want to Study in Finland.

One of the world’s most peaceful and livable country is Finland. It has strong educational system and economy. While, Finland is one of the most innovative countries in terms of higher education and training programs.

Study adventure
Want to experience Study adventure by Studying in Finland?

Decide University

At First, you should decide for which programs at which universities you want to apply. Therefore, Use the national application portal database at to find the right option for you.

While, The Finnish polytechnics handle all applications for Bachelor programs and many applications for Master programs through their central application system at Similarly, for degree programs not handled via that website, you need to apply directly to the polytechnic or university according to their admissions process.

Check Entry Requirements

Moreover, You will find the entry requirements either in the course descriptions on the university websites. On the one hand, There are many programmes taught in English for international students in Finland.

While, There are two ways to apply to a higher education degree programme in Finland.

  • Joint Application
  • Separate Application

There is no Application fee, applying is always free.

Joint Application for study in Finland

Joint Application means that you can apply to up to six study programmes with one Application form. For instance, These six options may include degree programmes from one or several different higher education institutions.

In fact, There are two joint applications per year, which offer study programmes in English.

Subsequently, In the Autumn Joint Application you must place the study programmes in order of preference, and you can be offered only one study place.

Simultaneously, In the spring joint application for study programmes offered in English, you do not have to place the study programmes in order of preference, and you can be offered several study places.

Separate Application for Study in Finland

In the same way, If you apply through a separate application, you apply directly to a higher education institution’s study programme.

Separate application forms are filled separately for each study programme or institution.

Depending on the institution’s application procedure for each programme, you can send, for example, separate applications individually for each study programme in an institution or one separate application form to several study programmes in one institution. There is no limit to how many study programmes you can apply to. Applying can be done through the university’s or university of applied sciences’ own website or in Studyinfo.

Documents Required for Admission in Finish University

These are the following documents; you need to submit to secure admission to any Finish University.

  • High School  Diploma for Admission in Under Graduate Program.
  • Bachelor’s Degree for Admission in Post Graduate (Masters Program).
  • Master’s Degree or Equivalent for Admission in Post Graduate (PhD Program).
  • Transcripts of Academic Certificates.
  • Filled Application Form & Motivation Letter & Resume.
  • Passport.
  • Two Recommendation Letters.
  • Two Recent Passport size photographs.

Receive your Acceptance letter

Once you get your acceptance letter from University, now you need to apply for residence permit in Finnish embassy.

Application Process for Student Visa at Finish Embassy

At last, Don’t forget you can ask your university for help with accommodation or other student services. They are there to help you, so you can take advantage of that.

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