Total Cost to Study abroad

What is Total Cost to Study in Hungary?

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What is Total Cost to Study in Hungary? The Latest Total cost has been mentioned for international students, As per writing this article in 2022, It is an approximate cost for non-EU students. It does not mean this is an exact cost to Study in Hungary. It can vary according to different circumstances. The total cost depends upon University selection, course selection, which city you live and what you eat on daily basis.

Hungarian institutions achieved a high position in many university rankings, and Hungarian degrees are of internationally recognized quality.

How to Apply to a University in Hungary?

Hungary has 4th Most Affordable Fees Structure in Europe.

Many International Students choose Hungary as a study destination, due to affordability. Let’s find out how much you need to pay in terms of tuition fees and living cost if you are planning to study in Hungary.

What is Tuition Fee to Study in Hungary?

Tuition fees in Hungary are very affordable as compared to other European Countries. While, Tuition fees vary depending on the selected University and study programme. Therefore, To obtain accurate information regarding tuition fees visit the website of the chosen University.

Almost 3000 to 5000 Euros are required for per annum fee. You can look for scholarships options or fee grants options because the Hungarian Government is running several of them.

Hungary Government Scholarships (Fully Funded) 

This is a general tuition fee for different fields of study in Hungary.

  • International relations Courses: 600 to 1,000 Euros per Semester
  • Business administration Courses: 1,200 Euros per Semester
  • Engineering Courses: 1600 to 2,500 Euros per Semester
  • Medicine & Dentistry Courses: 6,000 to 8,000 Euros per Semester

Most institutions require the tuition fees to be paid before enrollment.

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What is Living Cost for study in Hungary?

The living cost depends on each individual spending habits and lifestyle. The Hungarian forint (HUF) is the official currency in Hungary. The average living cost in Hungary is between 350 to 750 Euros for students.

University dormitories, Private dormitories, and Privately rented flats are accommodation options for students. While, University dormitory is the better option for students. Because, It is the cheapest option and allows students to know each other, socialize, and build friendships. Meanwhile, The cost per month can be 100 Euros per Month.

The private dormitory has better facilities and the cost can be 200 Euros per Month.

Another option is Privately rented flats. While, It is expensive accommodation and costs range between 250 to 750 Euros per Month.

Meanwhile, Depending on your lifestyle, food and groceries will cost between 115 and 150 Euros per month.

The monthly public transport pass is 10 to 15 Euros with discounts for students.

What are Job Possibilities For Students

Students can work with university studies. You can get a student job through student-job agencies. Students are allowed to work in Hungary for 24 hours per week. There are plenty of part-time job options in Hungary. The minimum wage for unskilled work for 8 hours per day is around 430 EUR (per month) while the salary is approximately 560 EUR (per month) for skilled jobs.

Most higher education institutions in Hungary have their own careers offices where students can obtain information regarding available jobs. These offices offer job opportunities through databases as well as organizing programmes for students looking for jobs, and they help you with career planning and management.

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