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What is total Cost of Studying in Denmark?

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What is total Cost of Studying in Denmark? Studying in Denmark can be expensive but planning your budget smartly can help you get a hold on your finances effectively. As per writing this article in 2022, It is an approximate cost for non-EU students. It does not mean this is an exact cost to Study in Denmark. It can vary according to different circumstances. The total cost depends upon University selection, course selection, which city you live and what you eat on daily basis.

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How much is Tuition Fee to Study in Denmark?

The currency in Denmark is Danish krone (DKK).

Tuition fees are different at each institution, as well as what level you are studying at. On average, Tuition fees are between 45,000 DKK to 120,000 DKK per year.

Specialized programs might charge more tuition fee for international students as 260,000 DKK approximately.

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While, Average Tuition fee for Business administration is 75,000 DKK per year.

Average Tuition fee for Economics for Bachelors: 45,000 DKK to 65,000 DKK per year.

Besides, Average Tuition fee for Economics in Masters is 75,000 DKK to 130,000 DKK per Year.

For all other degrees, Tuition fees are between 45,000 DKK to 120,000 DKK per year.

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What is Living Cost in Denmark?

While, Living cost depends upon the individual, how an individual wants to live. Above all, The living cost will be more in bigger cities as compared to small cities.

On Average, you should have a budget between 6,000 DKK to 13,500 DKK per month. This cost can be less or more depending upon the individual’s situation.

Besides, The accommodation cost is between 3,000 DKK to 5,000 DKK per month. It can be more in big cities.

Mostly students share rooms, house, apartment or flats.  Student halls of residence are cheaper than other types of accommodations.

You should start exploring your options months before you move to Denmark.

While, The food cost is between 1,500 DKK to 2,000 DKK per month. It can vary depending upon the spending habits of the individual.

Public transport offers student discounts and charges between 300 DKK to 370 DKK per month.

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What are job opportunities in Denmark for students?

You can work up to 20 hours per week during the study in Denmark period.

There are many odd jobs (part-time jobs) for students in Denmark. You can find odd jobs in bars, restaurants, clubs, newspaper distribution.

So, You can search jobs on these platforms.

There is a skill shortage in Denmark. Check here a Positive List of shortage occupations in Denmark. While, Education, engineering, IT, medicine and healthcare sectors are looking for professionals. Hence, Jobs in demand include building, energy and electrical engineers, medical consultants, hospital doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

Change Student Visa into Work Visa in Denmark

Yes, you can. After completing studies, the student can apply for a resident permit, based on a job contract or setting up the business.

The resident permit’s application must be submitted one month before the expiry of the student residence permit.

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