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How to get Swedish Citizenship or stay permanently in Sweden?

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How to get Swedish citizenship or stay permanently in Sweden? Like Sweden so much you want to stay forever – or even become a Swede? The process can seem daunting, so Ask Scholars has looked into what you need to know about getting Swedish citizenship or the right to stay in Sweden permanently.

Exactly how to obtain the permanent right to live in Sweden depends on your citizenship and any existing permits.

The processes can appear complicated, but here are the key things to know about the main routes to permanent residence and citizenship.

Which Country is best to Study, Work and Settle, Sweden or Finland?

Information for Newbies in Sweden

Coming to Sweden to take your chances can be a difficult road, though. You have to do your research. Identify the areas, Sweden need workers. Professionals are always in demand with unique expertise or knowledge. For example, Health care professionals, Teachers or IT Specialists.

Make sure you check the sites of the big companies as well: Volvo, Electrolux, ABB, Seco Tools, Ericsson, Spendrups, Saab, etc. If your niche is IT you’re in for a treat – Sweden is one of the leaders in that branch.

Finding a job from scratch in Sweden can be a tricky process, long and dull at times. But definitely worth a shot. If you can endure cultural issues, the winter and learn the language!

Swedish Language

The language is the key to living in Sweden. Swedish language should be your top priority and do not bypassed by any means. Even if you get an English-speaking position! Let’s face it, if you plan to settle in a different nation, learning the language is an absolute, specially in Sweden! Swedish people enjoy speaking English and will willingly do so if needed. But, they do expect foreigners settling here to learn the language – and even pay taxes for it offering SFI (language instruction for newcomers) for free.

For EU Citizens stay permanently in Sweden

First, it’s worth knowing that if you’re an EU citizen who is studying, working in Sweden. You otherwise have the means to support yourself? If so, You automatically have right of residence in Sweden without needing to apply for any specific permit or proof.

An EU citizen without the right of residence in Sweden (i.e. someone who is not working, studying or able to support themselves in the country) can apply for a resident permit, if they have a family member who lives in Sweden and wish to live together.

If you have right of residence as a family member of an EU citizen and have lived together with a close relative in Sweden for at least five years, then you may also meet the criteria for permanent right of residence.

For Non-EU Citizens stay permanently in Sweden

You can only apply for permanent residence after a minimum of three years in Sweden as a general rule. While there are exceptions for self-employed people who can apply after two years and Quota refugees who receive permanent residence permits from their first application. The exact time and requirements depend on which type of permit you are on. But in practice, most people can only apply for permanent residence after at least four years in Sweden.

For Students:

Moving in Sweden with Partner

If you moved to Sweden to live with your partner or close family member. You can apply for permanent residence after three years. However, permits are usually issued for two years at a time. So usually the application will be done after four years. The fee is 2,000 kronor.

Doing PhD

If you have lived in Sweden with a residence permit for doctoral students for at least four years out of the past seven, you can also apply for permanent residence. Again, you must be able to prove you can support yourself financially. This application costs 1,500 kronor.

Living in Sweden on Work Permit

If you have lived in Sweden on a work permit, you can apply for a permanent residence permit when you extend this permit. If you have worked for at least four years out of the last seven. You need to meet the same requirements as for an extension of your temporary work permit (for example, meeting minimum salary requirements). You also need to meet the special requirements for permanent residence, including being able to support yourself financially and having lived an “orderly life”. It costs 2,000 kronor to extend a work permit, plus an extra 1,500 kronor per adult and 750 kronor per child if you have family members applying with you.

Self Employed

If you are self-employed, you can apply for a permanent residence permit after two years when it is time to renew your temporary permit. You need to be able to support yourself financially on the income from the company, spend more than six months of each year in Sweden, own at least 50 percent of your Swedish company, and be living an orderly life. The fee is 2,000 kronor.

Citizenship for Non-EU Citizens

The rules for becoming a naturalized Swede are not as complicated as they may seem, though there are a few important points to understand.

For non-EU citizens, the process for getting citizenship is very similar as for EU citizens. While there is an additional requirement for a permanent residence permit as well as having lived in Sweden for a continuous period of five years.

Non-EU citizens married to or living in a registered partnership with a Swedish citizen can apply after three years, provided they have been living together with the Swedish partner in Sweden for two years. If the Swedish partner was previously the citizen of another country, they must have held Swedish citizenship for at least two years. In this case, you must also have “adapted well to Swedish society”. The Migration Agency will consider other factors like length of marriage or relationship, knowledge of the Swedish language and ability to support yourself.

Exceptions for the period of residence requirement to obtain citizenship can be made for “people married to a Swedish citizen abroad for at least ten years who do not live in their country of origin”. The Migration Agency notes, provided the person has “strong ties with Sweden” through for example regular visits to the country, or a “strong need” to become a Swedish citizen.

Important Points to Get Citizenship

You Meet the various requirements listed above? But that does not make road easy for citizenship. You must also have “conducted yourself well in Sweden”. Migration Agency will request information on whether you have debts or have committed crimes in the country.

Swedish Migration Board can reject an application if a person has unpaid taxes, fines, or other charges. Swedish Migration Board passes on all information to the Swedish Enforcement Authority. Even You have paid your debt, it could impact the application. As two years must pass after payment to prove you’re debt-free. If you’ve committed a crime, there’s also a qualifying period before citizenship can be granted which depends on the sentence. More details can be found here.

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