What is Total Cost to Study in Norway for Free?

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What is Total Cost to Study in Norway for Free? We have mentioned here approximate cost for Student Visa in Norway. Meanwhile, It does not mean this is an exact cost to Study in Norway for Free. Because, It can vary according to different circumstances. Therefore, The total cost depends upon University selection, course selection, which city you live and what you eat on daily basis.

Norway is a small country with big resources. It offers Free Education to international students. While, Several degree programmes and courses are taught in English. Which covers almost all faculties of education. Norway is the northernmost country in Europe and includes a great variety of natural scenery. Additionally, It has an attractive labour market and the unemployment rate is only 3.6 per cent. Student can work for 20 hours per week during studies. Government subsidises student housing, so housing is very affordable and at a very high standard.

How to Apply to a University in NORWAY?

Do you need to Pay Tuition Fee?

Norway has public universities which offer free education for both Norwegian and international students. The majority of Norwegian universities and state university colleges are publicly funded. 

10 Free Universities in Norway for International Students

Education is free in Norway at most Public Universities but students need to contribute for each semester around 42 to 84 Euros. This contribution is necessary for each student to bear the expenses of exams and other charges.

How to Study in Norway for Free?

While private institutions in Norway charge tuition fee to both Norwegian and international students. Tuition fees usually range between 7,000 – 19,000 EUR/year.

  • 7,000 – 9,000 EUR/year for Bachelor’s programmes
  • 9,000 – 19,000 EUR/year for Master’s programmes

What is Living Cost in Norway?

Norwegian standard of living and quality of life is very high. Therefore, Norway is expensive in terms of living cost. The living cost can be more than in other European countries. 

As you know, expenses are higher in Big cities. On average, Living cost is 800 till 2,000 Euros per month depending upon the country. 

  • Tromso Average Living Cost per month: 1,000 till 1,600 Euros
  • Oslo Average Living Cost per month: 1,200 till 2,000 Euros

Other smaller cities in Norway usually have an average monthly living cost of 800 – 1,000 Euros.

Accommodation charges are normally between 300 to 700 Euros per month. Student halls and rented/shared apartments are common options for residence in Norway for students.

Food expenses vary from 250 to 400 Euros per month. While cost can be different for each individual’s spending habits.

There are student discounts for transportation. Monthly expenses are between 55 to 70 Euros per month for a transport card.

How much bank statement for Student Visa?

Students who want to get student visa of Norway, they need to show enough money to cover tuition fee (If admitted in a private university, then student need to pay tuition fee) and living expenses. 

The student needs to show 11 420,80 Euros per year approximately in terms of living expenses.  You need to transfer money into the Norwegian bank account before submitting an application to the embassy for a student visa. 

You need to open a bank account in Norway before you transfer this amount to this account. Once you are in Norway, you can use the money where you want.

Who is eligible for Norway Student Visa?

What are job opportunities in Norway for students?

Many international students hold part-time jobs when studying in Norway. It is a good way to learn and practice your Norwegian, and increase your budget. Students can work 20 hours per week. 

Regardless of whether you are looking for a full-time or a part-time job it is important to know Norwegian.

There are also jobs in supermarkets, stores and many malls across the country. You can work part-time as a dishwasher and newspaper distributor. There are many online companies of food delivery that offer jobs to students. Graduate students with good credentials can have employment at a white-collar establishment depending on their field of study.

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