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What and Where Can You Study Abroad?

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What and Where Can You Study Abroad? Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous expansion in the number and variety of programs that are available. Now there is most likely a program that is right for every student. Historically, most study abroad programs embraced the humanities. But more colleges are now offering or even requiring an international stint for students of social science, business, fine or applied arts, and engineering. All subjects can be taught through a global lens, and students in every field will benefit from a global perspective.

Fields of study

These are Fields of study at the moment for all students.

  • Social sciences
  • Business &management
  • Humanities
  • Fine or applied arts
  • Physical or life sciences
  • Foreign languages
  • Health professions
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Math or computer science
  • Agriculture

10 Countries with Universities (without IELTS)


Study abroad programs can vary widely, so it pays to do your research.

Some Programmes for Study Abroad have rigid curriculum requirements!

While many programmes so flexible that even freshmen, just beginning their college experience, can participate. Meanwhile, Some programmes are more like glorified vacations, with every logistical detail taken care of, while others take self-sufficiency to extremes by requiring participants to find their accommodations after arrival an intimidating enough prospect even for seasoned travelers. While, Some programmes are academically rich, others are mediocre.

The cost and quality of programs can be extremely uneven. Therefore, prospective participants must be discerning buyers, seeking out those programs best designed to help them meet their own specific academic goals.

How to Finance Your Studies Abroad? 

Many colleges offer short stints abroad, which may last two or three weeks, as part of a class. These can be a good way to get a first international experience, and they provide important options for students who could not otherwise go abroad due to work or family commitments. However, although a short time abroad is better than no time abroad, we believe that studying abroad should be longer whenever possible to maximize your learning.

It takes a while to get the feel for things on the ground in a new place. Often, by the time you feel comfortable and are ready to be truly productive, it is already time to leave. We urge you do your best to go abroad as long as possible and as many times as possible.

Destinations of Study Abroad

Destinations for study abroad also continue to expand and adapt to changes in the global marketplace.

We believe study abroad programs will continue to change as the global economic and political landscape continues to evolve.

European countries have remained the predominant study destinations for international students.

These changes are very good for all students considering studying abroad today and in the coming years because students will be better prepared to address shared global issues.

Study in Scandinavia for International Students

Choose Country Wisely

While, If you’re looking for an opportunity to transition from studying abroad into a job, you would be well advised to consider studying in a rising global economy with strong GDP growth.

Nongovernmental organizations, entrepreneurs, and foreign investment dollars are all flocking to emerging markets for a variety of reasons including their growing consumer market potential, natural resources, development and infrastructure, ecotourism development, technology advancement and environmental issues.

Experience gained abroad in one of these destinations as an undergraduate will give you an advantage later on as a job-seeker.

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