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Motivation Letter: International Master Mechanical Engineering

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Motivation Letter Example: International Master Mechanical Engineering. While, Motivation Letter Example provides help to get admission or scholarship. Therefore, Motivation Letter Examples are presented by Ask Scholars. So, For more Examples, Just subscribe to our Blog and you will not miss all important notifications.

While, A Motivation letter is an important document for students who want to apply for admission to any course. Meanwhile, Many universities ask for a Motivation letter along with other documents.

You can present your case in front of the admission department through Motivation letter. So, What are your chances to get Admission to a University, clearly depends upon how well the Motivation letter is written.

How do You Motivate Yourself?

Hence, We bring for you an example of a Motivation Letter to enhance chances to get admission and scholarship in International Master Mechanical Engineering.

So, Read the below Example on writing a Motivation letter for admission and scholarship in International Master Mechanical Engineering and review your Motivation Letter. However, We wish you a lot of success with your application.


Motivation Letter Example: Scholarship International Master Mechanical Engineering

As a Lecturer, I  am creative, flexible and always looking for new challenges. Therefore, I want to equip myself with more knowledge and skills for the new challenges arising in an increasingly globalized world. While “International Master Mechanical Engineering”  at Technical University of Applied Sciences, Germany is attractive program for me, as it has strategic partnership between the students in the program and industry. As companies are involved in the process of education and research through this program. I would like to write master’s thesis in industry as I have done in my previous degree course.

Because, Industrial master’s thesis always create win win situation for company and student. I would like to get admission in this course, as it has language of instruction in English. Though I am learning German language, but I am at early stage of it. So, I would prefer to study master’s degree course in English. That why, it is best combination for me, as it has many per-requisites subjects and background with my previous master’s degree course. The aim of this Master’s program is to expand and deepen skills of students in the development of innovative products through a well-thought-out curriculum.

In first semester, I would enhance my knowledge in Finite Element Methods, Engineering materials, advance product development and management. While the second and third semester will help to understand current research topics and will provide guide to scientific work. I will study Materials types and it permanent and progressive growth in recent time. As materials always play important role in development of products. I would perform quite better in subjects due to strong relevancy to my previous degree course. After learning this degree program, I would focus on the development and design of products and solutions using the latest technologies and methods in Mechanical Engineering.

Meanwhile, I have strong skill set of different CAD and simulation softwares, as I have mentioned all softwares in my resume. These key competences are the foundation to a successful positioning of Mechanical Engineering businesses in the international, globalized markets. After completion of this course, I would be able to face challenges of international markets with new techniques and methods proactively. As a result, it will enable me to create innovative design solutions and actively shape the future of Mechanical Engineering. So, I would also have opportunity to expand professional expertise and build a network of international contacts.

I want to see myself as driving force behind industrial revolution including innovative products. I would like to deal with design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of different products. While, I might jump into Entrepreneurship after competing this program as Product development is the core of successful companies. Successful industrial companies live from the fact that they continuously develop, produce and market very innovative and extremely robust products. I think, I would be in best role after doing my master’s in this prestigious university in Germany. As Germany’s successful economy, and especially its successful industry, is based on the development and production of a wide variety of innovative and very good products. Lastly, I would to thank you for your precious time. Please let me know if you have any questions, I am waiting eagerly for positive response from admission committee. 

Best Regards


Hence, Motivation Letter examples can help you to write a better Letter for your admission to University. So, please make sure with too many Motivation Letter examples don’t remove the originality, which is a necessity, and be patient. Practice as much as you can.

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