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Study in Baltics: Low Tuition fee & affordable

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Study in Baltics: Low Tuition fee & affordable. Baltic states, the north-eastern region of Europe containing the countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. Study in Baltics have become increasingly popular with international students.


While, Estonia is the best-performing economy in Europe. Estonia has more successful start-up companies per head than in any other country in Europe, e.g. TransferWise, CrabCAD, Fortumo etc. The English language is widely spoken in Estonia.

Study in Estonia for international students: Step by Step Guide

Additionally, Estonia is the first country to offer e-residency – a transnational digital identity available to anyone in the world interested in administering a location-independent business online.

10 Universities in Estonia for International Students

Each year, Estonian universities welcome many international students from all over the world. Estonia has become an attractive study destination for students abroad due to its budget-friendly and high-quality education. Over 150 unique and high-quality degree programmes are taught fully in English.

How to Apply to an International University in Estonia?


Latvia is a country of rich history and cultural traditions and a relatively new national state. Higher education and academic mobility is a national tradition in Latvia. The tradition is even stronger today with the existence of 60 state and private colleges and universities. The number of students attending higher education studies has also steadily increased.

Study in Latvia: Step by Step Guide for International Students

The Latvian higher education system differs between academic and professional degree programmes.

10 Universities in Latvia for International students

Tuition fees in Latvia for International students is quite affordable as compared to other EU countries. While the Tuition fee varies for each University and Program.

How to apply to a University in LATVIA?


Lithuania is also one of the three Baltic states. While being safe and welcoming for foreigners, Lithuania offers a lower cost of living than in many other countries in northern Europe, which makes it great for tourism, business and education. The tuition fee is also quite low in Lithuania for international students. Lithuania has one of the fastest-growing economies of the Baltic countries over the last two decades. Despite its rapid modernisation and economic growth, Lithuania provides international students with an opportunity to study in one of the best-preserved Medieval countries.

Study in Lithuania for International Students: Step by Step Guide

A small European country, Lithuania is home to nearly 50 higher education institutions. Almost more than 350 programmes are English-taught to study in Lithuania.

10 Universities in Lithuania for International Students

Higher education institutions have many faculties including Engineering, Medical, Humanities, Economics, Management and Many more.

How to Apply to a University in LITHUANIA?

Scholarships to Study in Baltics

Money does matter. At this Financial age, you need money for everything. Bank balance is a very important factor when someone wants to go abroad for study purposes. There are options for scholarships for international students to Study in Baltics. Universities in Baltics offer scholarships to brilliant students and Government-funded scholarships are also available. Most scholarships cover the only tuition fee to Study in Baltics.

Scholarships in Lithuania for International Students

Estonian National Scholarship for non-EU Students

Lithuanian State Scholarships Programme

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