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Rules and regulations for Scholarships in Sweden

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Rules and regulations for Scholarships to Study in Sweden. The Scholarships which are granted by university, covers only Tuition Fee. Applicant needs to apply on university website to get Scholarships for studies.

Sweden is the European Union’s third-largest country but it has a very low population density away from its larger cities. It has a highly developed economy and it is known for its natural environment. Sweden currently has a strong, developed economy.

University Scholarship covers 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% of tuition fee depending upon the grades previous studies of student and number of students enrolled in specific program.

The Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship, a government agency, receives funding each year to use for scholarships to international students. They have several programs available. As complete Package, tuition fee and cost of living including in it.

If you are a new student who has been awarded a Scholarship, The following Rules and regulations for Scholarships in Sweden apply.

Non-EU Citizen

The applicant is a citizen of a country outside EU/EES/Switzerland and is required to pay tuition fees. If the applicant’s status changes to that of a non-fee payer, the scholarship is no longer valid. The student must inform University in writing if he/she is no longer required to pay tuition fees.

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Valid for the Specific Year

The scholarship offer is only valid for the specific year and master’s programme stated in the Notification of Selection Results. For students on a master’s programme, the scholarship/fee normally covers a workload of 30 credits per semester. For any additional courses beyond 30 credits, there will be an additional fee.

Percentage of Tuition fee

The scholarship covers the total tuition fee or part of the tuition fee. If the scholarship covers part of the tuition fee, the student must pay the outstanding amount (=the remainder of the fee) no later than the payment deadline.

Revoke a Scholarship

While, University has the right to revoke an awarded scholarship. This may include students suspended from their academic studies.

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Only one Scholarship

Applicants awarded a Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship, will subsequently have their University scholarship rescinded.

After Visa Rejection

Applicants unable to acquire a residence permit by the Swedish Migration Board in time for the start of the studies/registration deadline will subsequently have their University scholarship rescinded.

Pass Courses

Scholarship holders must pass at least 75% of their courses during the first academic year in order to receive the scholarship for the following academic year. Only course results registered on 1 July during the regular academic year will be considered in this assessment. I.e., if you study 60 credits a year, you need to have 45 completed credits from your programme by July 1st, or you will lose your scholarship.

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