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Six Steps to Get the Most out of a Book

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Six Steps to Get the Most out of a Book for readers and Book lovers. Lets go through each step.

A book is like a best friend who will never walk away from you. Books are full of advice and knowledge about happiness, darkness, life experiences and lessons. We must try to be habitual in book reading and should read as much as we can. 

While, Books contain the knowledge acquired by experiments and the experience of some of the greatest men of the world. Therefore, Reading books of good writers is like conversing with the wisest people of the world who authored these books. Meanwhile, You learn wisdom from these great men directly without any intermediary.

Develop a Deep Desire

If you wish to get the most out of any book, there is one indispensable requirement. That is a deep, driving desire to learn and a vigorous determination. You have to remind yourself constantly, how important is this book?

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Bird’s Eye View

Always read each chapter of the book rapidly to get a bird’s eye view. You will probably be tempted then to rush on to the next chapter. But do not do it. Unless you are reading merely for entertainment. But, if you want to understand most part of the book, than go back and reread each chapter thoroughly. In the long run, this will mean saving time and getting results.

Stop Frequently

When you are reading a book, stop frequently and think over what you are reading. Ask yourself just how and when you can apply context of the book. That kind of reading will aid you for more than racing ahead like a whippet chasing a rabbit.

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Under Line

Read with a pencil or pen in your hand. When you come across a suggestion that you feel you can use, draw a line beside it. Because, marking and underscoring a book make it more interesting, and far easier to review rapidly.

Glance through Book Often

So, if you really want to get a real, lasting benefit out of any book, don’t imagine that reading it once will be enough. After reading a book, you should spend a few hours reviewing it every month. Keep it in your desk in front of you every day and glance through it often.

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Keep a Diary

By keeping a diary, you can write down all important ideas of a book. While, keeping a record will inspire you to greater efforts and how fascinating these entries will be when you chance upon them some evening, years from now.

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