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Why should I study in Austria?

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Why should I study in Austria? While, Austria is a member of the European Union. It has been located in the centre of Europe. You don’t get a more conveniently located country to explore central and eastern Europe from. Eight different countries share Austria’s border and thanks to the efficient and well-connected rail network, they are all incredibly easy to get to. So, If you are Studying in Austria, You can explore major part of Europe.

So, Here we have mentioned fee reasons for ”Why Should I Study in Austria?”

Free Education

Education is free to Study in Austria for all students, either you are from non-EU background.

At Public Universities, Tuition fee range from 370 EUR to 750 EUR per semester. Which is nothing as compared to many EU countries, which have very high tuition fee for non-EU students.

20 free Universities in Austria for International Students

Private universities charge tuition fee and it varies for each Institution. The Universities of Applied Sciences also charge tuition fees.

English Taught Programs

Austria has more than 25% of international students at the moment in universities. The main language of instruction is German in Austrian universities while programmes taught in English also.

International students make up a huge percentage of those enrolled at universities in Austria, especially in comparison to other European countries. So, it makes sense for the universities to teach in English and it’s even more common at masters level.

Learn German While Studying in Austria

We admit that German may not be the first language for most people that are seeking to learn a second or third language. Most people think that Germany is the only country that speaks Germany.

It is the official language of Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.

In a world where people are able to purchase or consume nearly anything online, you’ll be gaining an advantage by learning this popular language for free during your stay as student in Austria.

If you want to learn German, Just click follow this link.

Especially those of you in the mechanical, engineering, automotive, financial and textile industries. German Language opens up the opportunity of working in Austria and Germany and makes you more attractive to employers from your home country.

Government & University Scholarships

There are Government and University Scholarship in Austria for International students. The Tuition fee is low in Austria for International students. If you get scholarship in Austria, you can also fulfil your living expenses in Austria.

Get details:

Government & University Scholarships in Austria

Austria is a Cheap Country

The cost of living is surprisingly cheap in Austria. You can save money while your stay as student.

Transport is cheap. While food cost and rent are also low.

Get details:

What is Total Cost for Austrian Student Visa?

Social Security

The high quality of life in Austria is reflected by the low crime rate, the high level of social security and an attractive recreational infrastructure.

How to apply in a Austrian University?

Interesting Facts about Austria

Austria is a landlocked country with a great variety of different landscapes. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter – each season shows a different landscape.

There are many lakes in Austria.

Culture & Traditions are alive throughout Austria. From museums and amazing architecture to glorious balls and festivals for all senses – experience the diversity of Austrian culture.

Austria is a country of countless sports opportunities. Here everyone will certainly find what he dreams of. The most popular sports are football, alpine skiing, ice hockey, cycling and mountain-biking or swimming.

A diverse range of dishes reflects Austria’s historic mix of nationalities and food cultures, and inspires visitors from all over the globe: Wiener Schnitzel, Kasnocken, Kaiserschmarrn, Apfelstrudel and Sachertorte.

government and university scholarships in austria 2021-2022

Austria’s diverse architectural landscape includes imposing imperial buildings and spectacular art-deco architecture as well as contemporary masterpieces.

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