Which Country is best to Study, Work & Settle, Denmark or Norway?

Which Country is best to Study, Work & Settle, Denmark or Norway?

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Which Country is best to Study, Work & Settle, Denmark or Norway? It is a very good rich content article. How do you define a “better” country? That depends upon an individual’s preferences and his/her needs. It all depends on what he/she values the most, what languages he/she speaks, and what they enjoy.

Do You want to move to Denmark? or Do You want to move to Norway?

Hence, comparisons between Denmark or Norway are presented. Go through each to decide which is your future destination? Which country is best to study is a very common question that comes in every mind when he/she decide to study somewhere.

Let’s have a look, Which Country is best to Study, Work and Settle, Denmark or Norway?

General Information Denmark vs Norway

Denmark is located in northern Europe and is part of Scandinavia. While, Denmark physically borders only one other country, Germany. Denmark is reported to be the happiest country in the world. The official language of Denmark is Danish. The majority of people speak English. Denmark boasts one of the world’s most attractive business environments, characterized by economic, political, and regulatory soundness.

Norway is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway. It is one of the three Scandinavian countries. The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden, with Finland and Russia to the north-east.The capital Oslo is Norway’s largest city. The majority of people speak English.

Higher Education System Denmark vs Norway

If you want to study in a creative and innovative study atmosphere, then Denmark is the best country for you. Denmark follows the Bologna Process, so the degree you earn at a Danish institution will be internationally recognized.

Norway follows the Bologna Process, which is in use in most European institutions for higher education. The Bologna Process is a mechanism promoting inter-governmental cooperation between 48 European countries in the field of higher education.

Bologna Process of Education:

The Bologna Process seeks to bring more coherence to higher education systems across Europe. It introduces a three-cycle higher education system consisting of bachelors, masters and doctoral studies.

High Ranked Universities

Danish universities offer Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD programmes in all academic areas. 10 universities mentioned here have a range of tuition fee between 4,000 Euros to 7,000 Euros. While, We have mentioned Tuition fee and faculties for each university.

Meanwhile, Most Universities in Norway are tuition-free for international students. Therefore, Students will need to pay to the Student Welfare Organization around NOK 300-660 each semester. So, We have mentioned here 10 universities that provide free education for Non-EU students

Tuition fee for International Students

Norway is a small country with big resources. Study in Norway for free is dream come true for many international students. Because, It offers Free Education to international students. Additionally, Several degree programmes and courses are taught in English.

While, international students need to pay tuition fee to Study in Denmark. Tuition fees are different at each institution to Study in Denmark, as well as what level you are studying at. So, On average, Tuition fees are between 45,000 DKK to 120,000 DKK per year.

Scholarships for International Students

While, There are scholarships for international students at Norwegian universities. Education is free but universities offer scholarships on a merit base and need base.

There are scholarships available for students, and these are offered by individual institutions, as well as other initiatives. Meanwhile, Cultural Agreements offer scholarships for long-term study courses and summer languages courses to foreign students.

Danish Government Scholarship Program (Fully Funded Scholarship)

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Job opportunities for Students

Many international students hold part-time jobs when studying in Norway. Meanwhile, It is a good way to learn and practice your Norwegian, and increase your budget. Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week. 

Who is eligible for Norway Student Visa?

You can work up to 20 hours per week during the study in Denmark period. There are many odd jobs (part-time jobs) for students in Denmark. You can find odd jobs in bars, restaurants, clubs, newspaper distribution.

How Much I Can Earn on Student Visa?

Skill Shortage Denmark vs Norway

There is a skill shortage in Denmark. Check here a Positive List of shortage occupations in Denmark. Education, engineering, IT, medicine and healthcare sectors are looking for professionals. While, Jobs in demand include building, energy and electrical engineers, medical consultants, hospital doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

The job market in Norway has recently had a massive increase in job listings, but employers may have trouble finding staff with the relevant skill sets to fill the positions. Overall, Norway faces a lack of workers with relevant skills in more than 250 professions. The professional sector in Norway was the area facing the most significant shortages, with 67 occupations in this area facing shortfalls. Professional careers include teachers, doctors, lawyers and accountants, for example.

Finding Job in Norway or Denmark

You can search jobs in Denmark on these platforms:

Many Norwegian companies have their own websites, and these sometimes advertise vacancies not featured anywhere else. So, Use the Norwegian on-line Yellow Pages to find addresses: www.gulesider.no

Most jobs in Norway are also listed on www.finn.no/jobb. You can also search in various languages for jobs in Norway at http://eures.europa.eu

Cultural difference Norway & Denmark

Denmark and Norway are relatively similar sharing similar culture and a same language family being somewhat mutually comprehensible. Norway is more classic social democrat and Denmark is more liberal.

Norway has fjords, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, forests, an uncountable amount of rocky islands and very little flatness.

Denmark has flatness, fields, a few forests, beaches and scattered (flat) islands and skerries.

Settlement Options Norway vs Denmark

After completing studies in Norway and Denmark, the student can apply for a resident permit, based on a job contract or setting up the business.

You have completed your studies? Then, you can apply for a job seeker visa. It will allow you to find a job in Norway or Denmark. 

Best Country to raise a Child

If you are planning to settle down with your family, your major concern would be education of your children.

You do not need to worry because Safety, care about human rights, environment for gender equality and a well-developed public education system are among the factors that brought Denmark and Norway the first place regarding raising children.

These countries tend to have generous paternal leave and maternal leave, offer free preschool and have good overall public education systems. While, It happens in Sweden also.

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