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Learn German A1: Describe Personalities in German Lesson 32

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Learn German A1: Describe Personalities in German Lesson 32 . So, We hope you enjoy working your way through free lessons of German language by While, Try not to let yourself get discouraged! Because, Mastering a new language does take time and perseverance and sometimes things can seem just too difficult. But then you will come back to it another day and things will begin to make sense again.

Germans can be energetic, humorous, motivated, artistic, friendly and cheerful. Therefore, there are some basic German words used to describe a German person.

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1): sportlich: sporty

Dein Bruder ist sportlich. (Your brother is sporty.)

unsportlich: not sporty ; This word can be broken down into: un + sport + lich.

un” can negate some descriptive words: “sportlich” => sporty; “unsportlich” => not sporty

Ich bin unsportlich. Sport ist Mord! (I am not sporty. I hate sports!)

Bist du sportlich oder unsportlich? (Are you sporty or not?)

2): sympathisch: likeable

While, “sympathisch” has a silent “h”.

Mein Lehrer ist sympathisch. (My teacher is likeable.)

Meine Oma und mein Opa sind sehr sympathisch. (My grandma and my grandpa are very likeable.)

unsympathisch: unlikeable

Mari ist sympathisch, aber ihr Bruder ist unsympathisch. (Mari is likeable but her brother is unlikeable.)

We can make some words negative by adding “un-” to them, e.g. sportlich and sympathisch.

3): emotional: emotional

Ich bin so müde! Ich bin auch emotional. (I’m so tired! I’m also emotional.)

4): ruhig: calm

Ali ist ruhig. (Ali is calm.)

The ending “-ig” as in “ruhig” is quite common in words describing people, so watch out for more words like this! While, In standard German, “-ig” as in ruhig is pronounced like -ich.

For example:

Meine Schwester ist lustig. (My sister is funny.)

Mein Vater ist wichtig. (My father is important.)

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5): nervig: irritating

Meine Schwester ist nervig! (My sister is irritating!) ; The “v” in “nervig” (irritating) is pronounced like an “f“.

Meine Cousine ist ein bisschen nervig. (My cousin is a bit irritating.)

6): arrogant: arrogant

Meine Schwester ist ein bisschen arrogant. (My sister is a bit arrogant.)

7): langweilig: boring

Mein Vater ist ein bisschen langweilig. (My father is a bit boring.)

8): freundlich: friendly

Mein Großvater ist relativ freundlich. (My grandfather is relatively friendly.)

Hope It Helps! Weiter so! (Keep it up!)

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