Learn German A1 Siblings

Learn German A1: Siblings Lesson 38

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Learn German A1: Siblings Lesson 38. The German Language introduced in this free course by ask-scholars.com is centered around everyday situations. So, If you are an adult with no previous knowledge of German and studying your own, than this course is for you.

You learn about siblings in this lesson.

Let’s start:

die Geschwister

die Geschwister (Plural): the siblings (pl)

Hast du Geschwister? – Do you have any siblings?

To ask whether someone has any brothers or sisters, you can say “Hast du Geschwister?”.

The word “Geschwister” is already plural and means “siblings“.

Das sind meine Geschwister, Mari und Mark. – They are my siblings, Mari and Mark.

Ich habe drei Brüder. – I have three brothers.

Many words form their plural by adding an Umlaut: “der Bruder” (brother), “die Brüder” (brothers).

Ich habe zwei Schwestern. – I have two sisters.

Because it’s more than one sister, we need the plural: “Schwestern” (sisters).

Ja, ich habe Geschwister, zwei Brüder und zwei Schwestern. – Yes, I have siblings, two brothers and two sisters.

To say how many siblings you have, use: “Ich habe” + number + “Brüder / Schwestern“.

Accusative Case for Siblings Examples

As we know, there are cases in German language. While accusative case is one of them. It is used for direct object in German language.

If you want to learn more about accusative case, just follow the link below:

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Ich komme aus Deutschland. Ich habe einen Bruder. – I’m from Germany. I have a brother.

Ich habe eine Schwester. – I have a sister.

Ich habe ein Kind. – I have a child.

Hast du eine Schwester? – Do you have a sister?

Hast du einen Bruder? – Do you have a brother?

Hast du ein Kind? – Do you have a child?

Negation for Siblings

If you don’t have any brothers or sisters, you can say:

Ich habe keine Geschwister. – I have no siblings.

Ich bin Einzelkind. – I am an only child.

No brothers or sisters? Say:

“Ich habe keine Geschwister” or “Ich bin Einzelkind”.

Use “keine” when you want to say “not” about a noun in the plural (die Geschwister).

If you want to negate a noun, use “kein”. For everything else, use “nicht”.

Endings of “kein”

To negate a noun, we stick a “kbeforeein / eine / einen“.

Ich habe einen Bruder.Ich habe keinen Bruder.
Ich habe ein Kind. Ich habe kein Kind.
Ich habe eine Schwester.Ich habe keine Schwester.
Ich habe drei Geschwister.Ich habe keine Geschwister.

Learn more about negations in German by clicking below:

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Conjunctions for Siblings

und : and ; The word “und” is used to connect the two parts of the sentence.

Ich habe einen Bruder und eine Schwester. – I have a brother and a sister.

Wie viele Geschwister hast du? – How many siblings do you have?

To say how many siblings you have, use: “Ich habe” + number + “Brüder / Schwestern“.

Ich habe zwei Brüder und drei Schwestern. – I have two brothers and three sisters.

aber: but ; The word “aber” means “but” and is used to show a difference.

Ich habe einen Bruder, aber keine Schwester. – I have a brother, but not a sister.

Ich habe eine Schwester, aber keinen Bruder. – I have a sister, but not a brother.


You don’t have to mention “ich habe” twice: Ich habe eine Schwester, aber (ich habe) keinen Bruder.

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