What is the Total Cost of a Student Visa for Canada?

What is the Total Cost of a Student Visa for Canada?

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What is the total Cost of a Student Visa for Canada? You want to make Budget before you make your mind to apply admission in any Canadian University. Lets have a look in this Article

Canada is quite an affordable country to study, as compared to many other countries. We have broken down total expenses to Study in Canada for International students. Tuition fee and living cost are two major expenses. Application fee and embassy charges for visa approval are other minor charges. The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) has an online tool, which allows students to calculate the cost of studies in different parts of Canada.

Currency in Canada is the Canadian dollar (CA$). All expenses are mentioned in CA$ here.

What is Tuition fee to study in Canada?

Universities has their own tuition fee. There are many factors which play an important role. For example, what Programme you have chosen? Which level of study you are apply for? Undergraduate and Graduate courses have different tuition fee.

Tuition fee for Undergraduate courses 

Tuition fee for undergraduate courses is CA$29714 per year on Average. While every Field of study has different tuition fee, which is as follows.

  • Business & Management courses at Undergraduate level charge CA$6,827 per year. 
  • Engineering courses at Undergraduate level charge CA$21,717 per year. 
  • Humanities courses at Undergraduate level charge CA$5,542 per yea r, which is quite cheaper as compared to other field of studies. 
  • Medicine & Dentistry courses at Undergraduate level charge CA$14,162 & CA$21,717 per year respectively. 

Tuition fee for Postgraduate courses

Tuition fee for Postgraduate courses for international students is CA$17,744 on average in Canada. While every Field of study has different tuition fee, which is as follows.

  • Regular MBA courses charge approximately CA$27,397 per year.
  • Engineering courses charge approximately CA$6,994 per year.
  • Dentistry courses charge approximately CA$12,894 per year.
  • Law courses charge approximately CA$5,910 per year.
  • Humanities charge approximately CA$4,610 per year.

University Application Fee

You have chosen a course and want to proceed your Application. Then, you must need to submit Application fee. It varies for each University. You may pay  between CA$100 to CA$500 in terms of Application fee.

There are exceptional cases, where you do not need to pay Application fee. Few universities do not charge Application fee. The universities are mentioned below which do not charge Application fee to international students.

  • The University of Winnipeg
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Booth University
  • Royal Roads University

Application fee is non-refundable, either you have been accepted in a course at University or not been accepted.

What is Cost of Living in Canada?

Living cost varies for every individual depending upon the spending habits and the city where he/she is going to live. Large cities are generally more expensive as compared to small cities.

Canadian student visa requirements say you must have at least CA$10,000 expect tuition fee. But every university in Canada issues its list of total living cost.

The Université de Montréal estimates students will need a total of CA$14,700 per year. Similarly, the University of British Columbia, located in Vancouver, estimates living costs of CA$15,500 per year.

There are following accommodations in Canada for international students.

University accommodation charges CA$3,000-7,500 per year. Its cheapest accommodation in Canada for students. We prefer students to choose university accommodation if there is a possibility.

Private apartment charges more than CA$8,400 per year. Its shared accommodation.

Visa Application Fee & Other Charges

To Study in Canada, you need to apply for Student visa. The application charges are around CA$150 to get successfully Canada study permit.

The other charges can be documents attestation in your own Country and Air travel charges. These expenses are for every individual depending upon his/her territory.

So, You want to calculate the total expenses for Canada student Visa?

Write down the Tuition fee of particular course at a selected university with non-refundable application fee. Add approximate living cost with other necessary expenses. You will get Idea, either you should start your Application for studies in Canada or choose any other country.

Attach a proper bank statement, showing expenses of one year when you apply for student visa.

Cover Expenses with a Scholarship

Scholarships and grants are available for international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are government scholarships in Canada, university scholarships in Canada and private organization scholarships for International students. The competition is quite high, always prepare a really strong application and apply before given deadlines. If you get scholarship, you can avoid expenses to study in Canada.

Part time Jobs in Canada

Students are allowed to work on a study permit in Canada. You can work 20 hours per week during the study period. Many job opportunities on/off-campus are available. Jobs outside the campus are in hostels, hotels, general labour, tutor, child care, restaurants, etc. Students can save the amount, they have shown in a bank statement, Once they have part time jobs to cover monthly expenses. The savings can be help after graduation.

Lastly, write your questions about ” What is the Total Cost of a Student Visa for Canada? ”

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