How to apply in a Austrian University? 2021/2022

How to apply in a Austrian University?

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How to Apply in a Austrian University? May be you are interested to Study in Austria for Bachelor’s Degree Course or Master Degree Course. Lets have a look in this article about complete Application process.

Deadlines and Intakes

At first, check the deadlines and intakes of University. Then, you can follow entry requirements and Application process.

The academic year in Austria begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th of the following year. It consists of two semesters, including winter and summer semester.

Winter semester has a duration from October 1st to January 30th. Deadline to apply in the university for the Winter semester is 1 May to the 5th of September each year.

While Summer semester starts from March 1st to September 30th.Deadline to apply in the university for the Summer semester is 1 December to 5th of February each year. 

Admission dates for both intakes can vary for each university.

What are Entry Requirements for a University?

What are the entry requirements of the university, clearly depends upon which programme you have in mind. You must take the entry test of the university in most cases. If you clear the entry test, then you can start the further process.

For each university and course, entry requirements are different. It’s always recommended checking the university website to understand the basic criteria for a particular course. 

Entry Requirements For Diploma studies & Bachelor Degrees

An applicant must have 12 years of education, either he/she wants to take admission in diploma studies or a bachelor’s degree in medicine, engineering, arts or any other field of study. If the school-leaving certificate is not equivalent to the Austrian one, then the applicant needs to appear in the entrance exam to get admission.

Required Documents for Diploma studies & Bachelor Degrees admissions

  • Proof of nationality (photocopy of your passport).
  • An equivalent secondary School leaving Certificate.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) & Motivation Letter. 
  • One Academic reference & one personal reference letter. 
  • TOEFL internet-based test (95 points minimum) or  IELTS (6 points minimum).
  • German language proficiency proof for courses taught in German.
  • Attach Tuition Fee Receipt of course in which you are enrolled.
  • University entrance qualification certificate.

Entry Requirements for a Master Degree Course

To meet the entry requirements for master’s level studies, the student must have 16 years of education from the university in his/her homeland. That means you should have a Bachelor’s degree in hand to get admission to a master’s degree. 

An English language test is required for admission in master’s courses.

Required Documents for Master’s degree admissions for study in Austria

  • Proof of nationality (photocopy of your passport)
  • An equivalent secondary School leaving Certificate.
  • Bachelor’s degree Certificates & Transcripts.   
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) & Motivation Letter. 
  • One Academic reference & one personal reference letter. 
  • TOEFL internet-based test (95 points minimum) or  IELTS (6 points minimum).
  • German language proficiency proof for courses taught in German.
  • Payment Proof of University Tuition Fees. 
  • University entrance qualification certificate.

Application Process for a Austrian University?

Universities organize admission process by themselves in Austria. Once a student has shortlisted a programme, he/she should contact the university offers a specific programme. Admission department can exactly inform you of complete information and requirement about the course or programme. 

Students need to fill out an application form and submit an application directly to the Admission office of selected university with all required documents. 

Send one hard copy of the complete application by post on university address. The registrar’s office will notify you of the outcome of your application in writing after the decision is made.

Sometimes the university conducts a special admission process, for a particular course. 

Let suppose the university will award 50 study places in a programme but registrations in programme are more than 50. Then through the special admission process, 50 candidates are shortlisted for programme.

Procedure for Entrance Exams

The University gives you notice of admission with the condition of completing your admission by taking an entrance exam. You register as a non-degree student during this period and submit your entrance exam. Once you pass the exam, inform university. Now the university will register you as a regular student in the degree programme specified in your notice of admission.

University preparation Programmes for study in Austria

These programmes offer many courses for international students to prepare them for entrance exams.  You can enroll in German and English language courses. Other programmes that you can enroll are in Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history and geography.

Track your application for admission

Once decision is made, you will be notified through email. Few guidelines would have been mentioned about the next steps you need to take to enroll yourself successfully at University. You will get acceptance letter, once you pay tuition fee for the selected course. Tuition fee is quite low in Austria at Public Universities.

If you have chosen private University, you might need pay extra money in terms of higher tuition fee.

Now can submit all documents including acceptance letter from University in an Austrian embassy near you. Check here Application Process & documents for visa in Austrian Embassy.

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