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Study in Lithuania for International Students: Step by Step Guide

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Study in Lithuania for International Students: Step by Step Guide.The following points have been discussed one by one.

General Information about Lithuania

Lithuania is also one of the three Baltic states. The country is located along the southeastern shores of the Baltic Sea with Latvia, Belarus and Estonia. The capital of the country is Vilnius. Today Lithuania is a member of the European Union and NATO, and among the most bilingual and educated nations in Europe.

Lithuania stands in 6th position in term of GDP just after the United Kingdom.

While being safe and welcoming for foreigners, Lithuania offers a lower cost of living than in many other countries in northern Europe, which makes it great for tourism, business and education. The tuition fee is also quite low in Lithuania for international students. Lithuania has one of the fastest-growing economies of the Baltic countries over the last two decades. Despite its rapid modernisation and economic growth, Lithuania provides international students with an opportunity to study in one of the best-preserved Medieval countries.

Higher Education System of Lithuania

A small European country, Lithuania is home to nearly 50 higher education institutions. Almost more than 350 programmes are English-taught to study in Lithuania. Higher education institutions have many faculties including Engineering, Medical, Humanities, Economics, Management and Many more.

University degrees are offered in three cycles. The first cycle is undergraduate ( Bachelor degree ). The second cycle is graduate ( Master and specialized professional studies ).  The Third cycle is Postgraduate ( Doctoral ).

While, There are two types of higher education institutions in Lithuania, colleges and universities. Colleges are focused on practical training for particular professions. Bachelor degrees and professional qualifications are offered at universities. Meanwhile, There are 23 universities and 24 colleges in Lithuania. In comparison to other European countries, it is a quite big number. 

Intakes & deadlines in Lithuania

The academic year has two intakes for international students in Lithuania.

Education system of Lithuania
Admission deadlines vary for each University. Admissions are open in most part of the year. 

Autumn Semester:  January to mid-June for Autumn Semester.

Spring Semester:  September to January for Spring Semester.

If Applicant apply early, admission process can be very smooth and can finish before time. Admissions are open in most part of the year. 

Application Process for a University in Lithuania

First, you must have your education documents recognized in the Republic of Lithuania. The evaluation and recognition of foreign school-leaving certificates and higher education qualifications is carried out accordingly by the Lithuanian Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE).

Therefore, international students are strongly advised to apply as early as possible. Document recognition and subject equivalence identification procedures may take up to one month or longer.

Each university is a separate institution, therefore each one has a separate application process and might have separate requirements for admission. The requirements and admission fees vary from university to university largely depending on the chosen study programme.

university in Lithuania
The Application process for a University in Lithuania is quite simple.

So, Here we present a complete step by step guide to get admission in a Lithuania’s University.  

Firstly, Find the programme most relevant to your previous education at the University. Than, Evaluate Academic Background. Official website to Find the courses for Study in Lithuania is following.

Meanwhile, After the recognition of your qualifications, you can apply to a University’s web portal. While, Most of the time application process can be submitted online for all institutions. You would need to pay an application fee to start the processing of your application. Make sure, you have checked all requirements of the course or programme before submission of application. 

Now you need to wait patiently as the application process in Lithuania’s University can take time, you would get a response from the university. If you get admission to a course or programme, you will get an acceptance letter from the university. 

While, You would need to pay a tuition fee to confirm admission to a university if you have not got any opportunity of scholarship. 

Now you are ready to travel to Lithuania for study, you have to apply for Visa at the nearest embassy. 

Requirements to Get admission in Lithuania University  

Higher education institutions set the admission requirements themselves. Admission requirements can vary for each university. 

While, Getting admission is not difficult at all if you have a minimum of 45% marks. 

Bachelors Programs are offered in English for International students.

Eligibility: Applicant must have 12- or 13-years education. The entrance exam or preliminary exam would be taken by the university (if required). 

Tuition fee: It varies between 1000 EUR to 4000 EUR per year for bachelor’s degree courses. The tuition fee is quite affordable for international students. The tuition fee is refundable if you cannot attend university due to any reason. 

With 16 Years of Education, an applicant can apply for Master Programs.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree course is required to get admission in Master degree courses at University in Lithuania. 

For most master’s degree courses, IELTS is optional. You can only submit an English proficiency letter to get admission. There are many master degree courses, which are offered in English. It’s always better to check master’s degree requirements on a few universities’ web portal before finalizing one course or programme. 

Tuition fee: It varies between 2000 EUR to 5000 EUR per year. The tuition fee is quite affordable for international students. The tuition fee is refundable if you cannot attend university due to any reason. 

Application fee varies from 150 Euros to 300 Euros. It is Non-refundable, regardless you get admission to a university or not.  

Required documents to Get Student Visa

For admission to Bachelor’s degree course, the following documents are important. 

  • Secondary School Certificate (ISSC)
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC)

English Language Test is required to get admission in Bachelor’s degree courses. While, You can submit IELTS or TOEFL. 

You can study in Lithuania without IELTS or TOEFL. What you have to do, is to take an English Preparatory course. Once you would complete the English Language Preparatory course, you can start a bachelor’s degree course at a specified university. You have to mention in advance a bachelor’s degree course before you apply for English preparatory course. 

The English language preparatory course duration varies for each applicant depending upon his/her English language fluency.  

For admission to a Master’s degree course, the following documents are important.

  • Secondary School Certificate (ISSC)
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC)
  • Bachelors Certificate & Transcript        

Other Important documents that are required to get admission for both bachelor’s and master’s degree courses are the following. 

  • Passport
  • Recent Photo 
  • CV & Motivation Letter 
  • Completed and signed admission letter from the higher institution of Lithuania
  • Two Reference or Recommendation letters from teachers or employer (if you have worked).

Note: There is no embassy in Pakistan for Lithuania. Applicant needs to submit documents in neighbour country’s embassy. University will assist to find the nearest embassy in another country for a visa interview. 

Application process for Student Visa in Lithuania’s Embassy

You can apply at an embassy, diplomatic mission or consular post of the Republic of Lithuania, once you have prepared the application.

To study in Lithuania, you need to apply for National Visa (D) and a temporary residence permit.

A national visa (D)  is a visa allowing a foreigner to enter the Republic of Lithuania and stay in it for a period longer than 90 days.

A Temporary Residence Permit is a document granting a foreigner the right to temporarily reside in the Republic of Lithuania for a period specified in the permit.

You must apply for a National visa (D) before you come to Lithuania and for a Temporary Residence Permit after you arrive in Lithuania.

Required documents for Study Visa

These are general documents for Lithuania Study Visa, that student should submit to get visa from embassy.

  • Passport
  • Filled Visa Application form
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs
  • Admission letter from University
  • Valid Medical Insurance letter
  • Bank statement with one year’s living expenses

What is total cost of Lithuania Student Visa?

The total cost has been broken into two parts. We will discuss it one by one here. You can get an idea about the total expenses to Study in Lithuania.

What is the Tuition Fee?

Tuition fees in Lithuania vary depending on each university, specific study programme and the academic stage the student is at. On average, the tuition fee in Lithuania is quite low.

The tuition fee starts from 1,300 Euros per year for Bachelor studies and the maximum tuition fee per year for a bachelor’s degree course is 5,300 Euros Per year.

While, The tuition fee starts from 2,300 Euros per year for Master studies and the maximum tuition fee per year for a master’s degree course is 6,500 Euros Per year.

The tuition fee starts from 7,100 Euros per year till 8,400 Euros per year for PhD studies. 

What is Living Cost?

Lithuania is a cheap country in terms of living cost. The cost of living is quite lower in Lithuania as compared to many other European countries. For international students, it can be quite easy to study in Lithuania with fewer financial challenges. 

So, There are different types of accommodations available for students in Lithuania for international students. University accommodation is common and easily available for students. Other accommodation options include private apartments and shared room accommodation. 

University accommodation is cheap and more preferable by students. You can always communicate with the university about rent, place and rules before your arrival. 

University accommodation has rent approximately between 50 to 100 Euros. 

Shared Apartment or Private Apartment have rent approximately between 150 and 300 Euros respectively. 

Generally, Food expenses vary between 150 to 250 Euros per month and purely depends on an individual’s spending habits.

A monthly travel pass charges around 30 Euros, but students can take advantage of large discounts and don’t pay that much.

A budget between 350 and 750 EUR per month should be enough for most international students.

Scholarships in Lithuania for International Students

Money does matter. At this Financial age, you need money for everything. Bank balance is a very important factor when someone wants to go abroad for study purposes. There are options for scholarships for international students. Universities offer scholarships to brilliant students and Government-funded scholarships are also available. Most scholarships cover the only tuition fee.


It is the University of Applied Sciences. It offers Erasmus + programme mobility grant. The grants are awarded to the students who go abroad for study periods or trainee ships in partner institutions of ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA.

All international students can apply for this scholarship. The deadlines to apply for the scholarship is February each year. For the year 2022, the scholarship is open and the scholarship can be applied till 1st February 2022.

Scholarships for Short-Term Studies

Short term scholarships for a duration of 1 or 2 semesters can be applied. Education exchanges support foundation grants funds for short term studies. 

10 scholarships for short-term studies are offered for candidates who are students, lecturers, or researchers of higher education and research institutions. All international students can apply for short-term studies scholarships. 

5 scholarships for Lithuanian short-term studies are offered for candidates who are foreigners of Lithuanian origin of all countries of the world.

Applicants for the Lithuanian short term studies scholarship are required to choose or design their study programme which might include subjects such as Lithuanian philology, linguistics, literature, Lithuanian history, ethnology and folklore, culturology, etc.

Deadlines to apply for short-term scholarships are mid-April for international students.

What are job opportunities in Lithuania?

Are you a foreign student in Lithuania and want to find a job to fulfil your living expenses?

As an international student, you can work up to 20 hours per week. There are many odd jobs like in bars, restaurants, newspaper distribution, food delivery etc. You can work part-time to make some extra bucks.  

If you are looking for professional jobs, will help you to find a job relevant to your studies. There are the latest ads for professional jobs in Engineering, Business Management, Medicine and many other fields. You can find internships and the latest migration information on this website. 

After Graduation Possibilities

International students can stay in Lithuania after graduation. They can get a job search visa for 15 months after completing their degree. You can find a job in this period or can start your own business. Just find relevant documents either you have found a job or going to start your own business. Apply before your current visa expires. 

Why to Choose Lithuania for Study?

What about the chance to get a visa for Lithuania? From the last 3-4 years it has a 100% success rate in visa admission. So, you can apply for a study visa in Lithuania due to its high acceptance rate of international students. 

The majority of Universities charge very Low Tuition Fees & No IELTS required. During studies, the student is allowed to work 20 hours a week. Lithuanians are friendly and educated and you will enjoy your stay in Lithuania.

Lithuania is a member of the EU, a degree from Lithuania is equivalent to that of any other European country. Lithuania has also signed agreements with over 16 countries regarding academic exchanges. Exchange programs can be applied in other countries.

study in Lithuania
Lithuania has many places for tourists so you will have plenty to occupy your free time.

Living costs in Lithuania are considerably less than the other countries of the European Union. You can enjoy the benefit of an education from an EU country without paying the hefty costs. A degree from Lithuania will help you gain a job all over the world. Lithuania is one of the best places to pursue higher education.

The official website to study in Lithuania is You can approach this website to find the desired course. 

Universities in Lithuania

Vilnius University: It is a highly ranked university in Lithuania. While, All levels of courses are offered including bachelors, Masters and PhD. The majority of courses are offered in humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, biomedicine and technologies. There are over 70 bachelor’s degree courses, 100 master’s degree courses and PhD studies offered in 29 academic areas. These Programmes and courses are offered in English and Russian. There is a mentor support system for international students. 

There are English Preparatory courses for international students who want to improve English fluency before taking any degree course. The tuition fee varies between 2,400 Euros till 12,960 Euros per year depending upon the course. 

Vytautas Magnus University: It is Public University in Lithuania. It is an international and multilingual institution that continuously develops international networks and intercultural dialogues, participates in international scientific, academic and social projects, encourages lecturer and student mobility, and promotes dialogue and tolerance. There are more than 30 bachelor & master’s degree study programmes that are taught in English. University has more than 800 partnerships in over 80 countries all around the world with exchange possibilities with scholarships. There are various scholarships which cover tuition fee for academic achievements. 

Kaunas University of Technology: KTU is situated in Kaunas, the 2nd largest city in Lithuania. While, It has developed a great potential for studies and research and stays a leader in innovations and technologies in the Baltic States region. Currently, international students can choose between 37 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes and 19 Doctoral programmes in English in the field of Technological, Natural, Biomedical and Social Sciences, Humanities and Creative Arts & Design.

Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences: It is the third-largest university of applied sciences in Lithuania with a strong academic reputation. It consists of three faculties: Business, Technologies and Health Sciences.Courses are available for All levels of study.  

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