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How to Apply to a University in LITHUANIA?

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How to Apply to a University in LITHUANIA? Lithuania is a modern northern European country. It is a member of the European Union. Foreigners are welcome to Study in Lithuania and English is widely spoken. There are over 500 study programmes taught in English or Russian. It has long-standing tradition of higher education and openness for innovations.

Lithuania has Affordable living and great value for money. Lithuania offers a lower cost of living than in many other countries in northern Europe, which makes it great for tourism, business and education. The tuition fee is also quite low in Lithuania for international students. Lithuania has one of the fastest-growing economies of the Baltic countries over the last two decades.

There are working opportunities during studies and possibility to stay in the country for 15 months afterwards to look for a job.

Application Process for a University in Lithuania

The deadlines to apply for the autumn semester at most universities are in June, however, international students are strongly advised to apply as early as possible.

Here we present a complete step by step guide to get admission in a Lithuania’s University.  

Evaluation of Documents

First, you must have your education documents recognised in the Republic of Lithuania. The evaluation and recognition of foreign school-leaving certificates and higher education qualifications is carried out accordingly by the Lithuanian Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE).

Early Applications

Therefore, international students are strongly advised to apply as early as possible. Document recognition and subject equivalence identification procedures may take up to one month or longer.

 Separate Application

Each university is a separate institution, therefore each one has a separate application process and might have separate requirements for admission. The requirements and admission fees vary from university to university largely depending on the chosen study programme.

Choose Relevant Programme

Find the programme most relevant to your previous education at the University. Evaluate Academic Background. Official website to Find the courses for Study in Lithuania is following.

Apply to a University

After the recognition of your qualifications, you can apply to a University’s web portal. Most of the time application process can be submitted online for all institutions. You would need to pay an application fee to start the processing of your application. Make sure, you have checked all requirements of the course or programme before submission of application. 

Get an Acceptance Letter

Now you need to wait patiently as the application process in Lithuania’s University can take time, you would get a response from the university. If you get admission to a course or programme, you will get an acceptance letter from the university. 

Pay a Tuition Fee

You would need to pay a tuition fee to confirm admission to a university if you have not got any opportunity of scholarship. 

Now you are ready to travel to Lithuania for study, you have to apply for Visa at the nearest embassy. 

Requirements to Get admission in Lithuanian University  

Higher education institutions set the admission requirements themselves. Admission requirements can vary for each university. 

Getting admission is not difficult at all if you have a minimum of 45% marks. 

For Bachelors Admission

Bachelors Programs are offered in English for International students.

Eligibility: Applicant must have 12- or 13-years education. The entrance exam or preliminary exam would be taken by the university (if required). 

Tuition fee: It varies between 1000 EUR to 4000 EUR per year for bachelor’s degree courses. The tuition fee is quite affordable for international students. The tuition fee is refundable if you cannot attend university due to any reason. 

For Masters Admission

With 16 Years of Education, an applicant can apply for Master Programs.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree course is required to get admission in Master degree courses at University in Lithuania. 

For most master’s degree courses, IELTS is optional. You can only submit an English proficiency letter to get admission. There are many master degree courses, which are offered in English. It’s always better to check master’s degree requirements on a few universities’ web portal before finalizing one course or programme. 

Tuition fee: It varies between 2000 EUR to 5000 EUR per year. The tuition fee is quite affordable for international students. The tuition fee is refundable if you cannot attend university due to any reason. 

Application fee varies from 150 Euros to 300 Euros. It is Non-refundable, regardless you get admission to a university or not.  

Required documents to Get Student Visa in Lithuania

For admission to Bachelor’s degree course, the following documents are important. 

  • Secondary School Certificate (ISSC)
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC)

English Language Test is required to get admission in Bachelor’s degree courses. You can submit IELTS or TOEFL. 

You can study in Lithuania without IELTS or TOEFL. What you have to do, is to take an English Preparatory course. Once you would complete the English Language Preparatory course, you can start a bachelor’s degree course at a specified university. You have to mention in advance a bachelor’s degree course before you apply for English preparatory course. 

The English language preparatory course duration varies for each applicant depending upon his/her English language fluency.  

For admission to a Master’s degree course, the following documents are important.

  • Secondary School Certificate (ISSC)
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC)
  • Bachelors Certificate & Transcript        

Other Important documents that are required to get admission for both bachelor’s and master’s degree courses are the following. 

  • Passport
  • Recent Photo 
  • CV & Motivation Letter 
  • Completed and signed admission letter from the higher institution of Lithuania
  • Two Reference or Recommendation letters from teachers or employer (if you have worked).

Note: There is no embassy in Pakistan for Lithuania. Applicant needs to submit documents in neighbour country’s embassy. University will assist to find the nearest embassy in another country for a visa interview. 

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