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How to Study in Italy for Free?

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How to Study in Italy for Free? To Study in Italy is a popular option for international students from all over the world, as the country holds some of the greatest institutions in every field of study, and offers a high level of higher study opportunities.

In this blog, there are tips you can follow to Study in Italy for Free. Italy offers numerous opportunities to not only study without paying a tuition fee but also to earn extra money during studies.

Scholarships or financial aids are available in all fields of studies, including engineering, medicine, arts, humanities, business management and many more. You can get scholarships from university or government for bachelor’s course, master’s course and a doctorate course.

Here we will discuss how to Study in Italy for free?

Learn about the Language and Culture

Learning about the language and culture of a certain country is very important as it opens up your view about the possibilities of being able to study abroad. Learning about the language and culture will help you whether Italy is a country that interests you as an international student. It can help to secure financial aid or study grants to Study in Italy for free as it shows your seriousness about Italian culture and society.

Well Prepared Application

A well-organized application for the scholarship is very important, and preparing your application early is the key to making it better. Choose the most relevant courses in shortlisted Universities. Modify and upgrade your pre-made application timely, and you’ll get an enriched application before deadlines.

Apply for Merit Based Scholarships

If you want to study in Italy for free with decent scholarships, your previous academic background should be excellent. To achieve that, you need to work hard during your studies. The majority of scholarships are merit-based, so students with good grades would be shortlisted automatically for scholarships.

Apply for Need Based Scholarships

There are need-based scholarships in many Italian Universities.  After choosing the perfect matches and appropriate universities to study at, you can aim at their requirements and fulfil them one by one. When you’ve met all the requirements, apply for the scholarships. This gives you an easy way to Study in Italy for free.

Apply for Financial Aid

You do not have funds and cannot pay your tuition fee?

Italy provides student grants, student loans and scholarships to international students. You are a brilliant student, either an average student, you can get financial support.

The interesting point is that the tuition fee for a student depends upon his/her financial condition. It can be minimum of EUR 150. Normally Public universities charge tuition fee from EUR 850 to EUR 1500.

If you want a reduction in your tuition fee, you have to present your case quite strongly. Your application should say, that you are in financial need and you have high ambitions and strong motivation for higher studies.

Apply to Public Universities in Italy

There are many public universities in Italy, which offer courses with low tuition fees. Enlist the potential cheap institutions as per your study fields, and then choose the best one that offers both quality and inexpensive tuition.

Top 25 Universities in Italy for International Students

Connections & Consultancy

Having good connections allows you to more opportunities that are available, and it can also get you good recommendations that may help in your application. Thus, building connections is a good way to find better Italian universities.

Either you can communicate with a consultancy firm, who can offer you better options.

Study Bachelors in Italy for Free

Padua International Excellence Scholarship Programme is given by the University of Padova, which is available for international students studying bachelor degrees in English. It offers 8,000 euros worth of scholarship per academic year. For bachelor and single degree candidates, the scholarship is available for a 3-year duration.

There are scholarships to study in Italy for free for Bachelor’s degree courses. University of Bologna Study Grants for international students is one of the best grants you can get for Bachelor’s degree courses. It is also available for diploma holders and offers full scholarships along with up to 11,000 euro worth of study grants. These are available for first cycle, single and second-cycle degree programs. This grant is only available for only 1 academic year.

The Bocconi Undergraduate Merit Awards are given to few selected for Bachelor’s degree students at Bocconi University. It offers 12,000 euros worth of full tuition waiver every year. It also offers free accommodation within the Bocconi campus residences. This merit award is given for 2 years and student must earn 50 credits in his first year to extend the scholarship.

Visit other Universities in Italy and find the desired course with scholarship possibilities, otherwise you can write an email to Consult Studies Abroad and they will find a course for you.

Study Master’s in Italy for Free

The Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards are awarded to international students pursuing a master’s degree at the Bocconi University. It is merit-based scholarship and have duration of 2 years. It would be extended only if student has passed 50 credits in first year. The amount of tuition fee waiver is 14,000 euros per year. Students get accommodation facilities within the campus as usual, and no application is required for eligibility. Students are automatically selected based on merit list.

Padua International Excellence Scholarship Programme is given by the University of Padova, which is available for international students studying masters degrees. The scholarship is available for 2 years duration. It offers 8,000 euros worth of scholarship value and a full fee waiver and doesn’t need any application either.

Italian universities offer many scholarships that to study in Italy for free at Master’s level. The Politecnico de Milano Merit-Based Scholarship is given to international students and it offers a full tuition fee waiver. The scholarship value varies from 5,000  to 10,000 euros per year. It is a merit-based scholarship.

Work Part-time in Italy

For Italy, their government requires international students to obtain a student visa in order to study there. If you want to reduce the costs of your education through the means of a part-time job, Italy allows its international students to work part time for long stay or short stay periods. Getting part-time jobs can definitely supplement your finances so that you can study in Italy for free.

You are allowed to work 20 hours per week in Italy. There are part-time jobs like food delivery, restaurant related jobs, newspaper distribution, bars and many more.

References help to get part-time jobs in Italy. If you have any reference, it’s your plus point to survive in Italy during your stay as a student.

Choose Affordable Accommodations

Small towns are cheaper in terms of living as compared to big cities in Italy.

Big Universities offer accommodation to international students with affordable charges. Universities also assist to find cheap accommodation for students. There is a different kind of accommodations which includes hostels, shared room and private flats.

Some universities have dormitories, while others do not. Dormitories are generally cheaper as compared to owned apartments, since the costs of the room itself is shared by its occupants. If in case dormitories are not available as an option in the area, sharing an apartment with others, or choosing an apartment that has a cheaper rental rate is the best way to save up on extra cash for other more important needs like tuition.

We hope that with these steps above, you will be able to achieve your goal. We would love to hear what you think, Write us email or let us know in comment box section.

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