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How to apply to a University in LATVIA?

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How to apply to a University in LATVIA? Studying in Latvia is quite an attractive option for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. There is natural beauty in Latvia, It is one of the affordable countries in Europe.

But, How can an international student can get admission to Latvian University. In this article, we find out Application Process in a Latvian University.

Universities in Latvia

There are many universities in Latvia that offer courses in English for all levels of study. Even students can apply for Foundation courses before bachelor’s degree courses. You can choose a University from the following list for your desired course.

10 Universities in Latvia for International students

Separate Application Process

The application process is online for Latvian Universities. You need to apply separately to each university if you are applying for more than one university.

Find Relevant Course

You need to find University with a particular course which you want to study. After that pay application fee to start your online application for course you have chosen.

The application fee is 150 Euros to 300 Euros for each application. It varies for each University. With the same application fee, an applicant can apply two to three courses in the same University. The application fee is non-refundable.

Submit documents on Online Portal

After paying the application fee, the applicant needs to submit all necessary documents on an online portal. University will assess all the documents and will notify. If an applicant is eligible, he will be approached for online Interview through skype. You can say its entrance exam. It is not so complicated. Its has some basic questions about your previous education and your Introduction.

You need to apply separately to each University if you are applying for more than one University.

Assessment Process

If You pass the Interview. University will access again all the documents once again. The assessment process can take up to four weeks. After the assessment, the conditional acceptance letter is issued and documents are forward to AIC for Validation. Approximate time for AIC approval is 1 & 1.5 month. After AIC approval you have to pay University fees. Applicant’s Latvian invitation will be applied. Once the invitation issued, we will receive original university documents including study agreement, rental agreement, AIC letter & invitation letter.

Pakistani students have to apply Residence permit Application in Latvian Embassy (Tashkent) Uzbekistan.

The student has to personally appear in the Latvian embassy and submit his file. The embassy will take an interview and issue the visa decision in 25-29 days.

Admission Requirements for Latvian University

You need 12 years education for admissions in Bachelors degree programs in Latvian University. You need 16 years education for admissions in Masters degree programs in Latvian University.

Minimum 45% numbers require for admission to Latvian University. Your percentage should not be less than that. If you have a study gap, you should not be worried. Study gap is acceptable in Latvia. It is one of those countries in Europe, where the study visa ratio is quite high.  If you have refusal from any other country, it is not a big issue. You need a Very Low bank statement.

What are Language Requirements?

If you want to Study in Latvia in an English language course, You would need to demonstrate your English language skills. If your previous education is in English, You might get exempt from English language test, otherwise you would need to appear in English Language test.

These are following English Language tests, you can prepare for to secure admission in course taught in English.  


How to Prepare for the IELTS Test?

6 Ways to Improve Vocabulary for IELTS Exam


How to prepare TOEFL Test?(8 valuable tips)

Documents Required to submit in University and Embassy

These are general documents; you need to submit to get admission to a university and to appear in embassy for Interview. There can be additional documents for your application process, we recommend always double-check the university website to get information.

  • Passport.
  • High School Certificate & Higher Secondary Certificates. Diploma Certificates (if any) for admissions in bachelors degree programmes.
  • Bachelors Certificate & Transcript for admissions in Masters degree programmes 
  • Masters Certificate & Transcript for doctoral courses 
  • CV & Motivation Letter.
  • English Proficiency Letter or IELTS (It can be optional depending upon University requirements).
  • Police Clearance Certificate for Latvia (Apostle by Ministry Of External Affairs).
  • Payment Proof of University Application Fees, Tuition Fees and Resident Permit and Security Deposit.
  • Xerox of INTERNATIONALLY VALID Debit Card of the same Bank Account in which student has a bank statement.
  • 3 recent passport size photographs.
  • Two Reference Letters. From Teachers or previous Employers. 

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