Study in Norway for Free- Step by Step Guide 2021/2022

Who is eligible for Norway Student Visa?

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Who is eligible for Norway Student Visa? Step by Step Guide has been presented by

Norway is a small country with big resources. Hence, It offers Free Education to international students. Furthermore, Several degree programmes and courses are taught in English. Even though, You have an acceptance letter from a Norwegian university. Analogous to, you are in planning mode to study in Norway for free.

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Still, you need useful information about Student Visa in Norway. Therefore, In this article, you get a complete guide about Eligibility Criteria and the application process for a Student Visa in Norway.

Who is eligible for Norway Student Visa?

Students are eligible for a Norway student visa if they fulfil the following requirements.

The student must have an admission letter from University or College, accredited by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education’s.

Norway Student Visa

Applicant must show living expenses of one year in the Norwegian bank. 

The student must have accommodation in Norway.  

Applicant must be admitted to a full-time study course. 

How to Apply for a Norway Student Visa?

Once you have been admitted to any Norwegian university, now you want to apply for a student visa. Firstly, you have to start the online application. Secondly, submit all required documents at the Norwegian embassy. 

These are the following 7 steps to apply for Norway Student Visa. 

1. Collect all important documents.

2. Register an online application at the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) website. 

3. Pay the Visa fee through an online process via debit/credit card. The Norway student visa fee is 458 Euros. 

4. Fix an appointment at the Norwegian embassy.

5. Hand over all the documents to the interviewer at the embassy.

6. The embassy will forward the application to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) in Norway.

7. UDI will evaluate your application and will inform you about your application for a student visa. 

Once you will receive a Student resident card, you are eligible to travel to Norway. The duration of a student visa card depends upon your course length.

How to Apply to a University in NORWAY?

Normally the student visa card is valid for one year.

You can renew it if your course has a duration of more than a year.

The renewal process is the same, submit an online application at the DUI website.

You must attach your passed credits in the last you’re to extend your student visa. 

What are Required Documents for Norway Student Visa?

Study permit issues in 2 to 3 months, so its better to start the Visa process as soon as possible. These are following documents, that you should submit at the Embassy to get visa successfully.

  • Visa Application form 
  • University Acceptance letter.
  • Accommodation Proof near University. 
  • CV & Passport & Motivational Letter.
  • English Proficiency Letter (Depends on University).
  • Previous Educational Certificates. 

Bank statement (means you should have 1-year expenses for living in Norway. Funds must be transferred in Norwegian Bank account or deposit in account of University).

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How much bank statement is required for Student Visa?

Students who want to get student visa of Norway, they need to show enough money to cover tuition fee (If admitted in a private university, then student need to pay tuition fee) and living expenses. 

Above all, The student needs to show 11 420,80 Euros per year approximately in terms of living expenses.  This amount should be transferred into the Norwegian bank account before submitting an application to the embassy for a student visa. 

You need to open a bank account in Norway before you transfer this amount to this account. Once you are in Norway, you can use the money where you want.

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