Total Cost to Study abroad

What is Total Cost for Austrian Student Visa?

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What is Total Cost for Austrian Student Visa? Many international students rate their study abroad experience in Austria as excellent. Because Austrian universities have a high standard of academic environment. Austria is considered one of the richest countries in the world. The currency in Austria has been Euro since 2002.

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Keep on reading as we provide more details about tuition fees and living costs in Austria.

What is Tuition fee in Austria?

Many public universities make exceptions for students from developing countries, who are not charged any tuition fees.

At Public Universities, Tuition fee range from 370 EUR to 750 EUR per semester.

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Private universities charge tuition fee and it varies for each Institution. The Universities of Applied Sciences also charge tuition fees.

For non-EU students, Universities of Applied Sciences charge tuition fee between 727 to 7,500 EUR per semester.

Private academic institutions are more expensive universities.

Therefore, Non-EU students need to pay anywhere between 3,000 to 23,000 EUR per year at Private Universities in terms of Tuition fee. Some specialized programmes demand tuition fees of 35,000 EUR per year.

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What is Living Cost in Austria?

The living cost is not high in Austria as compared to other European universities. living cost depends upon the students and how they want to live. Big cities are more expensive than in smaller towns.

We present standards here set by universities and Government in terms of accommodation and other daily charges. The average monthly living expenses for a student in Austria are approximately 950 EUR.

During the visa process, a student needs to show a bank statement for one-year living expenses to get approval from the embassy.

Total 11400 EUR should be shown in the Bank statement as one-year living expenses.

But the cost can be reduced by sharing accommodation and managing other daily expenses.

If a student lives in a student hall of residence provided by the university, the Accommodation charges are EUR 400 approximately, which includes rent and other arrangements from the university.

Private flat-sharing is another option, it’s cheaper for study in Austria also.  

Private flat-sharing has rent per month from EUR 200 to EUR 400. 

There are many discount stores, which offer food at reasonable prices. Universities have cafeterias with cheap meals and cafe. 

Food expenses in Austria are EUR 250 per month approximately.

Public transport and other cultural places like theaters and museums offer discounts to students. 

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