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How to Apply to an International University in Belgium?

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How to Apply to an International University in Belgium? This article shares complete application process at University in Belgium, if you want to Study in Belgium.

As, Belgium is one of the smallest and most densely populated European countries. Additionally, Belgium has the lowest salary gap between men and women in the Europe. While, Institutions offer bachelor’s, masters and doctorate courses for international students to Study in Belgium.

So, What is Application Process for University in Belgium? Let’s find out.

Choose the Course or Degree Program

At first, choose the course or degree program you want to study. Which level of study you are going to apply for? Is it Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD? The level of study can be important because it can decide in which language you are going to study your desired course. will be your general guide throughout the application process.

10 Universities in Belgium for International Students

Always look for scholarships in Belgium. Because, You have a lot of options for scholarships to choose from.

Master Mind scholarships are provided by the government of Flanders. Click Here for details.  

While, ICP Scholarships are fully funded scholarships in Belgium. Click Here for details.

Additionally, tuition fee or fully funded scholarships by Universities are available for international students. 

Choose Language of Instruction

The courses are offered in Dutch, French, German and English to Study in Belgium. While, The majority of Bachelor courses are offered in Dutch, French, German and few are offered in English.

While, many Master degree courses are offered in English and are offered in other three languages Dutch, French and German.

Keep in mind you might need to take a language proficiency test to get admission to a university. So, choose a course carefully with the language of instruction, you are fluent with.

Check Admission Requirements

So, The next stage is to check admission requirements in details for the short-listed course. What is requirement’s criteria for admission to a university in Belgium? Always double check and read carefully about admission requirements.

Apply directly on University’s Web portal

You need to send admission applications directly to the higher education institution of your choice in Belgium for any course or degree programme. Therefore, You can start the online application process on desired Institution’s web portal.

You must upload all official transcripts and certificates on university’s web portal. You can upload IELTS or TOEFL test if you are applying for a course taught in English.

Make sure, you have followed all deadlines of the specific institution before applying. You can email required documents or send by post.

Assessment by University

The Institution will examine the submitted documents, will decide either you are eligible or not for the study program you applied for.

If there is an entrance exam, you have to pass it to get a letter of acceptance. Arts Colleges require entrance exam in most cases. You might need to appear in the entrance exam by the majority of institutions, If you are applying for Engineering or Medicine.

You need to pass the entrance exam to get an offer letter from the institution.

Receive Acceptance Letter

Once you get a letter of acceptance, collect all other necessary documents.  Later, submit all documents in the embassy for Visa and wait for the final decision.

What are required documents  for University admission in Belgium?

You need to fulfil following documents to get admission at a University and to get student visa for Belgium.  

  • Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate/Intermediate + 1 year university education.
  • Entrance exam or Interview by University (depends upon university).
  • For post-graduate admissions, 16 year education or equivalent degree.
  • IELTS or TOFEL & Educational Certificates with good grades.
  • Attach Tuition Fee Receipt of course in which you are enrolled.
  • Passport
  • Motivation Letter & CV.

Courses in Belgium for International students

At last, Don’t forget you can ask your university for help with accommodation or other student services. They are there to help you, so you can take advantage of that.

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