Total Cost to Study abroad

What is Total Cost to Study in Sweden?

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What is Total Cost to Study in Sweden? The Latest Total cost has been mentioned for international students, As per writing this article in 2023, It is an approximate cost for non-EU students. It does not mean this is an exact cost to Study in Sweden. It can vary according to different circumstances. The total cost depends upon University selection, course selection, which city you live and what you eat on daily basis.

Sweden is an amazing option to pursue studies for international students. Sweden has top-ranked universities in world. Either you want to study a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, you can find the desired course in any field.

How to Apply to a University in SWEDEN?

Most of the highly ranked universities are in big cities like Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Lund or Uppsala.

Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship covers both living cost and tuition fee.

Most Swedish universities offer courses, where the medium of instruction is English. It’s very easy to find English taught programs for engineering, medical, business, commerce or any other field of study.

Studying in Sweden: Tips for Perfecting Your Motivation Letter

Sweden has managed a balance between daily expenses and monthly income. The purchasing power of the public is really good and almost everyone can afford necessities of life.

What is Tuition Fee to Study in Sweden?

Sweden has local currency, which is the called Swedish Krona, written as SEK. You can always check currency conversion updated rates.

Normally 100 SEK is equal to EUR 10 or USD 11.  Tuition fee vary for each course and university.

100 EUR is Application fee, that covers for all universities. You do not need to pay application fee for every university in which you apply.

Average Tuition fee for bachelor programme is  SEK 45000 to  SEK 55000  per semester. While for master programmes average tuition fee is SEK 50000 to SEK 60000 per semester. 

While almost all Swedish universities offer scholarships, which cover the tuition fee. Tuition fee Scholarship can be 100%, 75% 50% and up to 25%. 

What is Living Cost for study in Sweden?

According to Swedish migration law, each student should have at least SEK 9 514 per month as living cost, Which student need to show in bank statement to get visa.

While, You can survive on SEK 5000 to SEK 7000 per month by sharing accommodation.  However, Your living costs in Sweden will naturally depend on your lifestyle.

Eating out and travelling around can be expensive and this is something you may want to consider when planning your budget.

It is common for students to cook their food and bring leftovers for lunch. Many stores and food outlets offer student discounts.

University will grant student card called ’Studentkortet’. By student card, you can get discounts at cafes, restaurants, relaxation on buss card and other travel tickets. You can travel by air in Europe on discounts through domestic airlines. Student card helps in discounts on computers, mobile phones, fashion and books etc., both in shops and online.

What are Job Opportunities during Studies in Sweden?

Almost everyone speaks English in Sweden. More than 89 per cent of Swedish people can speak English.

So international students can communicate easily in markets, universities and companies. So it is easy to find part-time jobs if you can speak English. You can support yourself during studies by doing part-time jobs.

Now a days, Food delivery job is very common due to Covid 19 and students are earning handsome amount per month. You can afford your living cost easily by doing food delivery. If you do food delivery job on weekends only, you can save money for your tuition fees also.

You can earn 8,000-10,000 SEK per month with part time jobs. This is enough amount to pay monthly expenses in Sweden. You can earn some extra bucks in summer duration when universities are closed. Summer lasts for two months and you can earn 25,000 – 40,000 SEK  in holidays period depending upon your job opportunity. These bucks in summer can really help for upcoming time period of studies.

Scholarships to Study in Sweden

Well, Tuition fee scholarships are available in all Swedish Universities and are easy to get.

Especially Universities in remote areas or small towns have a smaller number of students if your percentage in marks is under 70%. Then, you should apply in remote areas or small towns.

While, Each institution is free to decide the amount, duration, and admission criteria for scholarships.

On the other hand, Country specific scholarships are offered to international students from certain countries.

Here is Complete Guide about Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

Master’s Fully Funded Scholarships, Sweden

Finally, You can approach Consult Studies Abroad for Guidance about scholarships, University admissions, and much more useful information. Because We prepare a strong Scholarship Application by emphasizing Personal statements and Motivation letters. Meanwhile, We Prepare Scholarship Applications for all countries.

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