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What is Total Cost to Study in Estonia?

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What is Total Cost to Study in Estonia? The Latest total cost has been mentioned for international students, As per writing this article in 2023, It is an approximate cost for non-EU students. It does not mean this is an exact cost to Study in Estonia. It can vary according to different circumstances. The total cost depends upon University selection, course selection, which city you live and what you eat on daily basis.

Estonian higher education has two cycles, following the Anglo-Saxon bachelor–master model. Bachelor’s level studies form the first cycle and master’s level studies form the second cycle.

The currency in Estonia is the Euro.

What is Tuition fees to Study in Estonia?

Tuition fees in different universities can vary considerably depending on the level of studies and the specialty in question.

Generally, tuition fees vary from 1660 Euros to 7500 Euros per year for Bachelor and Master programmes.

The Medicine programme costs 12 000 Euros per year. Some of the more expensive specialties are medicine, law, business administration and social sciences.

In addition, some universities offer a few Master and Bachelor programmes with no tuition fee at all (tuition fee waivers, tuition free programmes).

All doctoral studies in Estonia are without tuition fee.

You should contact the higher education institution, to get the most recent information about Tuition fee.

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What is Living Cost to Study in Estonia?

Cost of living in Estonia is usually dependent upon the student’s accommodation choices, lifestyle, and spending patterns. Overall, Living cost is quite low in Estonia for international students.

Most universities in Estonia have their own dormitories and students settle their to study in Estonia.

Rents per month usually range from 80–150 Euros in the dormitories. While rents per month are 200–510 Euros in private flats.

Students spend normally around 300 Euros per month for food. Each student can determine food expenses individually, depending on their needs.

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Public transport is available for all students and is free of charge in Tallinn (only for residents of Tallinn, including international students studying in Tallinn).

The monthly average living cost for students can be around 300-500 euros.

Working possibilities during studies and possibility to stay in the country for 9 months to look for a job after graduation. Great value for money and affordable living.

Student Jobs in Estonia

There is absolutely no need for an additional working permit to work while studying full time in Estonia. As an international student you can work on the condition that it does not interfere with your studies and you avail yourself to company requirements and obligations.

There is generally a good vary of part-time work on supply from jobs in tutoring, language teaching, baby-sitting, interpretation, translation, to data processing, admin, IT programming and developing, clerical, waitressing and shop work.

After Studies for non-EU Graduates

All non-EU students can stay an additional nine months in Estonia after their graduation and seek employment.

Upon finding employment after graduation, they can use this time to apply for a temporary residence permit for work.

If you found a job and your employer is willing to provide an invitation, then you can apply for a temporary residence permit for employment. The benefit for you and your employer is that the requirements of permission from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and the average salary criterion for foreigners do not apply for those who have obtained higher education in Estonia.

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