Study in Europe for free

Study in Europe for Free (or Low Tuition fees)

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Study in Europe for free (or low tuition fees) for international students. Europe offers plenty of affordable study options for international students. In many countries, education is free for non-EU Students. Read on and find out where you can study free, or on the low cost – even if you do not receive a scholarship or a bank loan.

Meanwhile, Students can apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programme, as all most all institutions in Europe have collaborated with other institutions of European countries. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme is a fully-funded and exchange scholarship programme.


International students can Study in Luxembourg for free. Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe with very less population. 

There is only one Public university in Luxembourg, which is known as University of Luxembourg. Which means it is also the most affordable university. Visit here The University of Luxembourg Scholarships and programmes for yourself.


Study in Norway for free as, The majority of Norwegian universities and state university colleges are publicly funded. Therefore, Norwegian public institutions do not charge tuition fees. This also applies to international students, no matter which country you come from.

Private institutions charge tuition fees for their degree programs, but the fees are usually significantly lower than those of comparable studies in most other countries.


Studying in Sweden is quite expensive in terms of tuition fees. But you can afford to Study in Sweden with a low tuition fee or with a Fully Funded Scholarship.

There are higher chances to study in Sweden with low tuition fees as compared to a fully-funded scholarship. Unfortunately, not every student can Study in Sweden for free or with low expenses. There is a big reason behind this. You can find tuition fee scholarships in almost every Swedish university, while Fully Funded scholarships are quite a few for international students.

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency and It offers a fully-funded scholarship. Just click on the link to Complete Guide about Swedish Institute Scholarship.


All international students can Study in Germany for free. While, German Institutions provide almost free education to everyone all over the world. There are Public universities in Germany which offer free education for international students, regardless their origin.


You can study in Latvia with quite low cost. Universities provide Scholarships also to brilliant students. Latvia has low Tuition Fees, as compared to other European countries.  Latvia is a very cheap as compared to other European countries.

So, total cost of living in Latvia is low and you can afford to study in Europe with low tuition fees.


International students can Study in Austria for free. Education system is state funded in Austria, Therefore Education is almost free for everyone.


Study in Hungary as Tuition fees are very affordable as compared to other European Countries. The living cost depends on each individual spending habits and lifestyle. Overall, its quite cheaper to live in Hungary as compared to other EU Countries.


While, You can Study in Italy for Free, as Italy offers numerous opportunities to not only study without paying a tuition fee but also to earn extra money during studies. Scholarships or financial aids are available in all fields of studies, including engineering, medicine, arts, humanities, business management and many more.


Study in Spain is good option to control expenses for non-EU students. While, Tuition fees for universities in Spain are some of the lowest in Europe and the cost of living is fairly affordable compared to other European countries. Therefore, Spain is especially important if you are looking to study abroad.


Study in Belgium within here different communities which charge a different tuition fee for international students. So, tuition fee is affordable in Belgium. ICP Scholarships are fully funded scholarships in Belgium, Click Here for details. While, Master Mind scholarships are provided by the government of Flanders. Click Here for details. 


Study in Lithuania offers a lower cost of living than in many other countries in northern Europe, which makes it great for tourism, business and education. While, The tuition fee is also quite low in Lithuania for international students.


Studying in Denmark can be expensive but planning your budget smartly can help you get a hold on your finances effectively. Meanwhile, You can apply for Danish Government Scholarship Program (Fully Funded Scholarship) to study for free in Denmark.

There are more scholarships available for students, and these scholarships are offered by individual institutions, as well as other initiatives. Cultural Agreements offer scholarships for long-term study courses and summer languages courses to foreign students.


Studying in Estonia is an affordable option for international students. Estonia has become an attractive study destination for students abroad due to its budget-friendly and high-quality education.

Estonian government and universities have initiated various scholarship schemes to support international students who are interested to Study in Estonia.


All universities and universities of applied sciences have scholarship opportunities for international students Study in Finland. While, You usually apply for a scholarship at the university at the same time when you apply for admission. So, The details of scholarships for each programme can be seen from the degree programme description.

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