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Which Country is best to Study, Work & Settle, Spain or Italy?

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Which Country is best to Study, Work & Settle, Spain or Italy? It is a very good rich content article. How do you define a “better” country? That depends upon an individual’s preferences and his/her needs. It all depends on what he/she values the most, what languages he/she speaks, and what they enjoy the most.

Do You want to move to Italy? or Do You want to move to Spain?

Hence 10 comparisons between Italy and Spain are presented. Go through each to decide which is your future destination? In many ways both countries are the same, there are few factors that are different. Let’s have a look. Which country is best to study is a very common question that comes in every mind when he/she decide to study somewhere.

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So, Which Country is best to Study, Work & Settle, Spain or Italy?

General Information

Italy is a country of south-central Europe.

The University of Pisa Scholarships Italy
Italy is bounded by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia to the north.

The capital is Rome, one of the oldest and world’s great cities. Rome is a favourite of visitors. Milan, Florence, Venice, Turin, Genoa and Naples are other big cities in Italy. Italy is also a member of the G8, as it has the eighth largest Gross Domestic Product in the world and 4th strongest economy of Europe.

Almost four-fifths of Italy is either mountainous or hilly. Over 50 million tourists a year visit Italy. Tourism is vital to Italy’s economy and provides nearly 63% of Italy’s national income.

Spain is located in southwestern Europe and shares its border with Portugal and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Mediterranean Ocean to the East.

Study in Spain
Spain is a land of stone castles, vast monuments, and modern cities.

Spain’s geographical location makes it the ideal destination if you wish to get the most out of travelling while you study abroad.

Spanish is its official language and it is the second most commonly spoken language in the world. It is the perfect chance to learn the language during your time as a student in Spain. You would gain a new way of understanding the world and expressing yourself.

Spain has Euro as currency. Madrid is its capital which is a very advanced and modern city. Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao are its other famous cities. The weather in Spain is warm. Winter in Spain is not too cold like in other countries of Europe.

Study Comparison

The higher education system in Spain dates back to the Middle Ages. The oldest and most reputable universities offer courses and programmes to local and international students. Spanish institutions maintain the same level of quality as across the higher education institutions in Europe.

Spanish Universities attract international students, as bachelor, master and doctoral programmes are offered in English.

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High ranked universities in terms of quality of education and are quite old in Italy. Many English taught programmes for international students at Italian Universities. A total of 96 universities are working in Italy.

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What is total cost to Study in Italy?

Low Tuition fee Universities

University Tuition fee is quite low in Italy and you can apply for scholarships also. That makes Italy quite an attractive place to study for international students. It can be quite affordable for study adventure.

Top 25 Universities in Italy for International Students

Spanish universities provide a wide range of courses for international students with many offerings English-taught degree programs with low tuition fee.

13 Universities in Spain for International Students

Skills in Demand Spain vs Italy

In Spain, competition for jobs is fierce and the majority of international workers tend to gravitate towards bigger cities, where jobs are more readily available. Popular destinations for expats include Madrid and Barcelona, the two largest cities in the country, and Valencia and Seville.

Shortage occupations in Spain occur in professions such as doctors, engineers, marketers, operating staff and business consultancy.

Some cities in Italy that have better infrastructure and job opportunities are: Rome, Milan, Bologna, Firenze, Bergamo, Turin and Naples.

Italian employers need a limited number of foreign specialists, for example, holders of technical professions, workers in the tourism industry. Demanding professions in Italy in 2022 are engineers, builders, doctors and programmers.

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Emerging Sectors Italy vs Spain

1): Italy is one of the main agricultural players in the EU, it is the biggest European producer of rice, fruits, vegetables, and wine. South of Italy accounts for almost 63% of the farms in all of Italy. While the North of Italy has seen an increase in the production of dairy products, meat, and rice.

2): Retail, Telecom, Tourism, Financial Services, and the Transport system that includes both rail and roads are key to the thriving of the services sector, more than two-thirds of the Italian population is employed in the services sector which in turn contributes around three-fourth to the Italian GDP.

3): Italy is the largest export of luxury items in the world, this could range from jewellery to cars. Over the last decade, with the influx of technology, the manufacturing sector has not only improved its efficiency but also made rapid strides in areas of design across sectors.

1): Spain continues to have Europe’s second-largest agricultural land, with only France surpassing it in size. Grassland makes up the bulk of the agricultural land. Horticultural items, such as vegetables and citrus fruits, are Spain’s most significant agricultural export commodities.

2): Spain is a world leader in renewable energy technology, both as a producer of renewable energy and as a technology exporter. It was the first country to use wind power as its primary source of electricity in 2013. Spain has the world’s largest solar sector.

3): Tourism is a significant economic driver in the country, contributing to around 11% of the country’s yearly GDP. Spain, the world’s third most popular tourist destination, welcomes over 75 million visitors each year to enjoy its many attractions.

Stay Back Options Spain & Italy

Most international students prefer to stay back after completing courses to find a suitable job or pursue future academic prospects.

Study in italy

Once you complete your degree, you would like to settle down in Italy. There are possibilities for international students. Italy extends residence permit for 6 to 12 months after completing a degree or course. This is also called a job search visa.

Well, if you have found a job contract, you can change your student status during your studies also in Italy.

After graduating with a master’s degree, students are eligible to apply for a post-study work visa which would enable them to stay back in Spain for a duration of one year. During this tenure, they can look for jobs.

Large International Companies

Multinational corporations can provide developing countries with many benefits. However, these institutions may also bring with them relaxed codes of ethical conduct that serve to exploit the neediness of developing nations, rather than to provide the critical support necessary for countrywide economic and social development.

Spain is also home to a number of large international companies. These include:

  • Abengoa (telecommunications)
  • Abertis (infrastructure)
  • ACS Group (civil engineering)
  • Almirall (pharmaceuticals)
  • Banco Santander (banking)
  • Ebro Foods (food processing)
  • Ficosa (automobile production)
  • Iberdrola (utilities)
  • Inditex (apparel)
  • Logista (logistics)
  • Telefónica (telecommunications)

While, Italy is also a home of large number of companies. These include:

  • Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (Italian State Railways)
  • Leonardo (aerospace, defence, and security)
  • Edizione (clothing brand)
  • TIM (telecommunications company)
  • TechInt (engineering, construction, procurement, and project management)
  • GSE (contractualization of energy)
  • Poste Italiane (postal service provider)
  • Eni (oil and gas company)
  • Enel (energy company)
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (designs, engineers, manufactures, and sells vehicles)

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Latest Job Portals Spain & Italy

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Culture & Lifestyle

In Italian culture, the family holds the most important place in their lives. They have extended family and often have family gatherings to spend time with each other. Family life is the foundation of their culture. Italian people are more about food, families, and a happy, laid-back lifestyle.

Spanish culture is as diverse as its landscapes and climate. And just like the people of Italy, Spaniards also value their families. They are so friendly and nice to each other that they treat their neighbors like family.

Spain is similar to Italy in several contexts like population, size, culture, and friendliness. So, if you are traveling from one country to another then you will not feel much difference and it will be like home.

Financially Viable

Spain is a bit cheaper than Italy when it comes to accommodation and food. Other than that, you can choose either Italy or Spain as both make beautiful budget-friendly destinations.

When it comes to getting around, both Italy and Spain are extremely tourist-friendly. You can find buses, trains, and metro, to take you from one place to another. Although prices are affordable, you can also get a monthly pass to get a little bit of discount.

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