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Spain relaxes Work Permit Requirements for Foreigners

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Spain relaxes Work Permit Requirements for Foreigners. While, Spain is dealing with a shortage of labour, therefore Spanish government has decided to soften the work permit rules to fulfill the labour shortage. So, Spain has introduced new measures to its immigration regulations to make it easier for foreigners to work in the country.

According to Corporate Immigration Partners, the newly introduced reform measures will also apply to foreigners who do not hold the necessary legal documents to live in Spain.

Undocumented Migrants

The foreign nationals who have lived in Spain, legally or without documentation, for two or more years and who have worked for at least six months during that time will be allowed to enroll in training courses.

These training courses will be mainly for jobs in the high-demand economic sector throughout Spain. Meanwhile, foreigners who enroll in these training courses can then apply for permanent residency.

It is expected that 500,000 undocumented workers who are not employed legally will be able to join the official labour force. Additionally, foreigners will also help to regulate job sectors in need of workers and pay taxes and contributions.

Non – EU Students

So, whether you are studying for a master’s degree, university degree, language course, or any other type of training, what are the different options for a student in Spain to start working legally in the country?

If you have already finished your studies, you will have to change to a work permit. However, if you are still a student, you should know that it is totally possible to work with your student visa for the duration of your studies.

Thus, after the most recent Spanish Immigration Law update, you can now work up to 30 hours per week (as long as your lecture hours do not overlap) and you can do so throughout Spain.

Now simpler work permit requirements will apply also to students in Spain.

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The Spanish government is now expected to publish a list of high-demand jobs that will be open to foreign nationals.

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Business Visa from outside Spain

Spain is a terrific place to start a business as it offers several benefits to entrepreneurs and investors.

Non-EU citizens moving to Spain to start a business will need a valid work permit to do so. To get a work permit, you will need to apply to the Spanish embassy in your home country.

First of all, you will need to provide evidence that you have enough capital to invest in your business and support yourself while living in Spain. You may also be required to submit a business plan and proof of your skills and experience. The Spanish government can ask you to provide evidence on how your company could create jobs for workers in Spain.

Work permits must be renewed every year, but after five years you can instead apply for resident status in Spain. This removes the need to get a work permit in the future.

For foreigners coming from abroad, there are stricter rules and longer wait times. But recently, the Spanish government passed new startup laws to ease the process for non-resident investors. Now, non-resident investors are no longer required to obtain the NIE number. Getting a tax identification number (NIF) will be sufficient to start the bureaucratic process.

Business Visa from Inside Spain

Foreigners who come from outside the EU or from other EU countries can start a business in Spain, as long as they’re legal residents in the country. Are you a non-EU citizen on a visa? You would need to switch to a different visa to be allowed to start your business in Spain.

The process of starting a business in Spain is slightly easier for foreigners already residing in Spain.

If you’re an EU citizen, you’ll only need to apply for an NIE number – your tax ID in Spain – and register your address at the local town hall to collect your empadronamiento (The certificado de empadronamiento or padròn is a document that registers where you live in Spain and with whom).

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